(Review) Battle of the Eye Primers! Urban Decay vs. Too Faced vs. Etude House


Oh the days when I wasn't aware of the amazing powers of eye makeup primers! I have very oily eyelids (gross...I know) and no eye shadow would stick to them or it would crease after an hour or so. Eye makeup primers have really made me excited to do my makeup in the morning since I know it's going to last the whole day! I have mainly been sticking to three products and brands: Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Etude House Proof 10 Eye Shadow Primer. I think they all do what they promise and are excellent products but I want to put their lasting power and how they make the eye shadow colour appear to test!

I tried to be as unbiased as I could with this comparison and I am sharing my own opinion and how these products work with my skin. They might work differently on other people.

Too Faced and Etude House have 10ml of product and Urban Decay has 11ml. The packaging is similar between Etude House and Urban Decay since they both have an applicator.Too Faced is a squeeze bottle without an applicator. I prefer Too Faced packaging since it's the most hygienic. You spread the product on your eyelid with your finger anyway so I do feel like that an applicator is unnecessary. 

The consistency varies a lot, Too Faced being to runniest out of the three. Urban Decay might look really dry in the picture and this is due to the fact it had dried out a bit in the tube (I find this happening with some other UD products as well). The colour of the product varies a lot; Urban Decay is a dark beige, Too Faced a light beige and Etude House a pinkish beige. The colours blend into your skin and you won't be able to see the colour once spread. I find Too Faced the easiest one to blend due to the runny consistency and Urban Decay the hardest. I find that with Etude House it can be hard to get the product out of the packaging sometimes. 

I tested how eye shadows look with all of the three products. I used the same eye shadow colour (Urban Decay Naked 2 palette colour Busted) on all of them. You can see that there is not a massive difference with the colour pigmentation but I did find that I had to apply the colour twice on Etude House before getting the same colour pay off as with the other two brands. They are all easy to apply and they spread easily but I felt that UD and Etude House were accentuating dry areas around my eyes! 

Next I tested the lasting power by rubbing water on all three. As you can see Urban Decay and Too Faced did not budge as much as Etude House. There is still plenty of product left on all three but the lasting power seems to be the worst with Etude House. It does seem that they are all relatively waterproof. 

After rubbing with water

Overall I think that all three products have good lasting power and make eye shadows pop. The price however varies a lot, Etude House being a lot cheaper than the other two brands. Therefore, I am very impressed with Etude House because it is almost as good as the two more expensive brands.
I do prefer Too Faced the most out of the three but I find myself buying Etude House more regularly due to the cheap price. 

Urban Decay's price varies from £13-16 and Too faced from £13-17 depending on where you buy them whereas Etude House is about £3 from Testerkorea. So it really comes down to whether you want to splurge a bit on more expensive brands that work brilliantly or whether you want something cheaper with almost the same effects.

I will give Urban Decay. I'm knocking off a heart from Urban Decay because the product dries out and I am not fan of the applicator.

And I will give Too Faced 5 hearts because it is my favorite out of the three.


Lately when I have been using Etude House, my eyeshadows just end up creasing so badly that I have really started to dislike it! Other eye primers last at least 6-8h even on my extremely oily eyelids but Etude House barely lasts for 2h. I'm not sure whether it's just due to spring and summer but really disappointed with Etude House! I will take back the rating I gave it before and give it only 2½ hearts!

Have a fabulous day! 


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