Korean Cosmetic Brands Overview

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Now, for those who are new to K-brands and are not sure what brands are out there and what to buy, I've got you covered! This post is fairly short as I have made a table to help you out :)
The table below covers and summarizes the most popular K-brands; their concept, availability, price and their most popular products. Obviously there are a lot more brands out there but here are 12 of the popular brands.

The price range was hard to determine because the currency rate is so different between countries. So this is based on a European point of view (GBP) and the price range compares the K-brands to drug store brands and mid-rage cosmetic brands in the UK. I do realise that some people will disagree with me on this but at least it helps to give some sort of image on how much the products cost on average. I think that most K-brands are all quite cheap so it was really hard to determine the ranges.  

The prices are based on averages:
Very affordable £ = £3-6
Affordable ££ = £7-10
Mid-range £££ = £12 over

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