(Review) Etude House: Sunshine in Spoon Scrub Massage Yogurt - Raspberry

Happy Wednesday everyone!

The weather was just so lovely today that I thought a review of Sunshine in Spoon Scrub from Etude House was in order! (It fits with the day). A very cute product from Etude House with two different types: Raspberry and Apple Sugar. I was tempted to get the Apple Sugar first because I love the smell of apples but the effects of Raspberry seemed more relevant to me.

They both contain antioxidants from fruit extracts. The Raspberry kind is packed with antioxidants from raspberries that make skin clear and smooth whereas Apple Sugar makes the skin tight and smooth. I tried a sample of the Raspberry before I bought it in full size and I fell in love with it. 
The way to use this product is to apply to dry face after cleansing, massaging onto entire face for 2-3 minutes and rinsing with lukewarm water. One thing that really makes me want to use this product everyday is the smell! It smells like raspberry yogurt! I can imagine that the apple kind smells like sweet apple yogurt. If you're not a fan of sweet smelling products then I do not recommend this for you.

It comes in a 120ml tube and the consistency is runny with a milky texture. It really looks like raspberry yogurt! I can feel tiny bits in it when I apply it to my face. With some scrubs there are loads of big chunks and I find them to be too harsh on my face. I have previously tried different scrubs (Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub and St.Ives Apricot Scrub) but they ended up being too harsh on my dry skin. This one feels like I am mostly applying yogurt with tiny bits onto my face. It feels pleasant when I massage it to my face and it feels squeaky clean after I wash it off. I do not find it to be too harsh or drying on my face. My skin always looks more clear and bright after every use!

I checked and there are no harsh or irritating ingredients in this product. I am glad to have discovered this since Etude House does advertise this product for sensitive skin so I would have been pretty disappointed if it did have something that could cause irritation. 

Overall I am happy to have found a scrub that is not too harsh on my dry skin. I use it once or twice a week and it makes me happy after every use! I will give it 5 hearts as I cannot find anything wrong with this product. 

I would definitely purchase this again! If you are curious about this product but don't want to invest in the full size product yet, I suggest to get a sample of it. You can get samples from Testerkorea for 1000KRW (approx. £0.6 or $0.9) or the full size from Testerkorea on sale for 5,600KRW (approx. £3.5 or $5). 

Anyone else excited for the new Avengers film? I'm going to see the premier tonight! So excited ^_^
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