(Review) Innisfree: Air Skin Fit BB Cream SPF 35 PA ++ (01 Pink Beige)

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It has been a lovely day today and I would really like to review a BB cream. I am sure that most people are aware what BB creams are these days so I don't think I will have to elaborate on that. On with the review then!

It has been over a year since I bought Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB cream and have not used it for a long time but when I first bought it, I used it consistently over 2-3 months. There are three different types of BB creams and I am reviewing the Air Skin one which is the light and smooth and the other two products are a Long Wear and No Sebum BB creams.

The Air Skin Fit has a micro air skin fit powder that has a smooth finish, that also gives moisture to the skin and a velvety texture. The natural mineral powder brightens skin and lasts for a long time. It has SPF 35 PA ++ that protects well from the sun. Innisfree is owned by Amore Pacific that does not support animal-testing and is currently expanding their non-testing animal policy to their suppliers. 

The packaging is a 40ml tube bottle that is very hygienic. It is easy to dispense the product and control how much product comes out (I think Innisfree always puts a lot of effort into their packaging and recycles their products). I do think it does almost everything it promises in the description above but I have to admit that there are some downsides to it.

The colour that I am wearing in the pic below is number 01 Pink beige which looks slightly too yellow in the pic than what it really is. I have a pale skin with slight warm undertones and I find this colour a tad too pale for my skin (in the winter it could be a perfect match). If you have a pale skin with cool undertones I think this colour might be a good match.

01 Pink Beige
The product spreads fairly easily and it has a slightly runny consistency. It feels very light when spread on to skin almost like air. The scent is similar to other Innisfree products which is a herbal scent almost a bit minty in my opinion. If you are very sensitive to scents or do not like herbal scents, I would suggest not to purchase this product. As you can see in the pic below the colour looks like a perfect fit on my hand when spread but it does look quite pale when I apply it to my face. 

01 Pink Beige

I did an ingredient check on this product and did not find anything that might cause irritation or other harm. Now the things that I dislike with this product; one is that I do not think it lasts for very long time (I applied it at 9am and by early afternoon I had to reapply) and two, I have a combination skin that's more on the dry side and this product accentuates the dry areas on my face. 

As you can see in the picture it doesn't have a very good coverage. I didn't have any troubles with my skin at the time when I took this picture and yet the BB cream doesn't cover the minor imperfections on my skin. 

Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB cream

If you're looking for a very light feeling BB cream and don't need much coverage I do think this is an excellent one for those purposes. I do not recommend it to people with oily or combination skin because it does not have oil control and won't last on your skin. 

I did an oil control test between Air Skin Fit and HolikaHolika's Aqua Petit Jelly BB cream. I dabbed the same amount of product on an oil control film and let them sit for an hour. You can see the result in a picture below. 

Left: HolikaHolika. Right: Innisfree

As you can see Air Skin Fit has worse oil control than Aqua Petit Jelly...

Overall, I find this a very average BB cream and I don't think it is particularly moisturising. It also doesn't have very good oil control. It is definitely meant for normal skin types with only minor imperfection that need a slight coverage. I will give this product 2 and a half hearts since I don't think worked well with my skin type which is a combination skin. 
2½ hearts
Sadly I have to admit that I would not purchase this product again.
You can get it from Testerkorea for 14,400KRW (approx. 9GBP or 13USD).

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  1. Its great that you compared the aqua petit jelly and the air innisfree, thanks for that :)