(Review) Innisfree: Eco Gel Liner (1 Black)

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My third review on eyeliners and this time it's a gel eyeliner! The name can sound slightly odd to some but it is called Eco because the container is made out of recycled materials (plus you can also re-recycle it!) and it has also been printed with soy ink. The product itself also contain natural ingredients, making it very eco friendly! I purchased this after I ran out of Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner and I was very pleased with Bobbi Brown so my hopes were very high for this product. 

Eco gel liner

The product claims to be smooth and easy to use. It has green tea extracts that reduces irritation caused by eye makeup. It has a smooth consistency that makes the application easy and has a natural colour to it.
It comes in a 0.9g jar without a brush. I have been using my Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush and it works perfectly with this product. 

The consistency is very smooth and soft. It glides on very easily and it is very pigmented! I don't find myself having to tuck my eyelids at all if I want to wing out my eyeliner. It is also very easy to smudge out due to the creamy consistency. 
The only problem with the consistency is that it dries up in the jar very quickly! Within a month of opening it, the top layer of the eyeliner had dried up. I think this happens often with gel eyeliners... 

Rubbing with water

It claims to be smudge proof, waterproof and sweat proof but as you can see in the above pictures, it is not completely smudge proof and definitely not waterproof! It is also not sweat/oil proof. I have very oily eyelids and I always have to apply a primer or otherwise my eyelids will become a hot mess! Even with eye primer, this product started smudging onto my crease after an hour!

Beginning of the day
Beginning of the day

After 6h

After only 6 hours of applying you can definitely see that it has smudged pretty badly to my crease. I did not leave the house either that day! I have noticed that if I spend a lot of time out, it smudges even quicker than just being around the house. I am not sure whether it's just my eyelids that are too greasy or whether it is just that the lasting power with this eyeliner is not very good...

Pros: image

  • creamy texture
  • goes on smoothly
  • very pigmented
  • eco friendly

Cons: image

  • not waterproof
  • not sweat/ oil proof
  • lasting power very low
  • not good for oily eyelids

Overall, this would be a perfect gel eyeliner if the lasting power was better! The creamy consistency glides on so smoothly and it is very pigmented. I would definitely recommend it to people who don't have oily eyelids! I think it's a great alternative to Bobbi Brow's gel eyeliner and definitely a lot cheaper and eco friendlier but it is not quite as good unfortunately...

You can get them from Testerkorea for 5780KRW (approx. 3.20GBP or 5USD)

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