(Review) Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream (1 Light)


This product has been out there for a long time and I have mostly heard good things about it so I had to try it myself! I really think that the name could possibly put a lot of people off... I am not sure what was the thought behind mentioning the salmon but I guess that's what makes Skinfood's products so quirky and the brand really does live up to its name!

As the name entails it really does have salmon in it! It has salmon egg extracts and salmon oil.
To all vegans out there, this is not a vegan friendly product! It claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. The creamy consistency effectively covers dark circles and wrinkles. Number 1 shade is designed for lighter skin tones and number 2 for darker skin tones. It comes in a small 10g jar without an applicator.

It really does have a creamy and thick consistency. The texture is a bit tacky but and you're not supposed to spread it, instead your supposed to dab it on. The colour that I have in the picture is number 1 which really is a salmon pink colour. I am not sure what the difference is between the colours but I assume Number 2 is just slightly darker. The pinkish tone is supposed to tone down the blue and purple hues that dark circles have. It blends in with my skin tone very well which is rather pale. I find that the easiest way to apply it is with your fingers...I have tried multiple brushes but the finish wasn't as good. 

As you can see in the pictures it is very thick and doesn't spread well but it does apply on well under neath the eyes when dabbed on as it will warm up the product and apply on easier. I do think that it brightens my under eyes quite well but I wouldn't say that it conceals my dark circles. Apparently you can apply as many layers as you want and it won't look cakey or accentuate any lines. I usually apply about two layers and I feel that if you would put on more it would feel heavy and possibly cakey. In the picture below you can see that there is a slight difference with my dark circles but not a massive difference.

Left: Skinfood Salmon darkcircle. Right: nothing

In the next paragraph I will be talking about one of the ingredients that this product contains and the controversy of it in general and in the media. If you are not interested in this I suggest that you skip to the end!

Now what I am going to say next is my personal opinion on cosmetics and the ingredients used in them. I found that this product has Aluminum starch octenylsuccinate. This ingredient has thought to be a toxic and if you google it you will find many articles saying that it is dangerous and causes damage to the human nervous system and can act as respiratory hazard. Now you shouldn't always believe what you read over the internet! Instead I recommend reading actual studies that have been conducted because the media can really distort the truth. In 2002 a paper was published where they tested the ingredient on animals whether it was a toxic or not. They found that it did not act as a toxic to animals. This study is quite outdated and conducted on animals which obviously doesn't always relate to humans. CosmeticsInfo website also states that is safe to use as long as the heavy metal concentration is not exceeded. I haven't found any other studies that were conducted with this ingredient but the media has been talking about it a lot. 
The whole use of this ingredient in cosmetic products really upsets me. It seems to me that there really isn't a proper answer to the question whether it is safe or not but there definitely is a massive controversy around this ingredient. Nowadays, there are so many natural ingredients that can be used and won't cause any harm and there is no doubt or debate that these could act as a toxic to humans.


  • spreads well
  • easy to layer
  • brightens dark circles

Cons: image

  • not enough coverage
  • contain controversial ingredient
  • hard to apply with a brush
  • doesn't last very long
Overall, even when I wasn't aware of the things that upset me, I still thought that it was very average concealer. As you can see in the pictures it does not do a very good job at covering my dark circles but it does brighten them and even the colour out. If you are looking for a concealer that brightens your dark circles and don't need much coverage, I would recommend it!
Personally, I have to say that I am very disappointed with Skinfood for using such a controversial ingredient. 

You can get it from Testerkorea for 6,400KRW (approx. 3.80GBP or 5.80USD) 

Have a great day! :)


There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion. - Edgar Allan Poe.

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