(Review) Berrisom: Oops My Lip Tint Pack (6 colours)

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Can't believe it's November already! Time truly flies sometimes...I wanted to share a review on a much hyped product! It was initially showed on a Korean infomercial (correct me if I'm wrong!) and ended up becoming a huge hit that is currently being sold in many stores all over Asia! I decided to buy myself the pack of 6 colours because I got them on offer on Amazon and after hearing all the good things about them I really couldn't resist -_-

Now these lip packs, unlike normal lip tints, work as like a peeling mask for your lips. You apply this thick gooey stuff onto your lips, wait for 5-10minutes and peel the dried up stuff away! Finish off with lip gloss of lip balm for moist looking lips.

The idea of the peeling pack is that it will make the colour more vibrant and will last longer on your lips. The product claims to stay on for 12 hours without wearing off even when you eat, brush your teeth or drink! There are many things that might affect the results of this product. You have to ensure that your lips aren't too dry or the result will not be even. You also need to be careful not to apply too much product as it will take longer to dry. 
The product also contains a lot of natural extracts such as cranberry, camellia, black berry and royal jelly.

The colours are very sheer but very pigmented! I have only recently got into wearing very bright colours on my lips and I have to say that the pigmentation (if used right) is one of the best I've seen from a lip tint. 

This picture shows the colours when applied. Starting from the bottom: Vivid Scarlet, Sexy Red, Virgin Red, Pure Pink, Bubble Pink and Lovely Peach.

This picture shows the colours when the product has dried and been peeled. Starting from the bottom again: Vivid Scarlet, Sexy Red, Virgin Red, Pure Pink, Bubble Pink and Lovely Peach. 

You can see how uneven the colours will be if not applied evenly! Lovely Peach has definitely the worst colour pay off on my skin and definitely is nothing like the colour peach to me! 
It can be extremely hard to apply them evenly and as you can see the difference in colour will be quite noticeable....

Below I applied the colour Sexy Red to my list and this was my first application attempt. You might be able to tell that I really struggled to apply it evenly all over my lips. This is a big downside for me as you really need to get a bit of practice with the product before the result looks good. It also takes longer than 5-10 min to dry on my lips. For me it takes about 15-20min to dry which again is not quite what it promises. I have also tried to apply a thinner layer but it didn't take any less time.

Below is the result from the colour Sexy Red and you can see how vibrant the colour is on my lower lip but not so vibrant on my upper lip.

This is the same colour on my lips after about 7 hours. 

There's not much colour left on my lips but I do think that the lasting power is the best I've seen from a lip tint. I'm one of those people that lip product just won't stay on my lips for longer than an hour so even if these didn't stay on the promised 12 hours they still lasted on my lips way longer than most! I was very surprised to see how well they stayed on even after lunch and brushing my teeth!
I have to warn you about the taste because it is not pleasant and very sour! There's no way to avoid it either so remember you have been warned!

Below I have pics of all of the 6 colours.

1. Sexy Red

2. Vivid Scarlet
3. Virgin Red


4. Bubble Pink

5. Lovely Peach  (really really really dislike this colour!!!)

6. Pure Pink

Pros: image

  • Long lasting
  • Pigmentation
  • Availability of colours
  • Colour doesn't wear off/transfer

Cons: image

  • Hard to apply
  • Takes a long time to dry
  • Awful taste
  • Do not last for 12 hours
  • Makes lips dry
  • Colour looks chapped after about 6 hours

Overall, I don't know what to think of these....I mean I am impressed how long they stay on but after about 6 hours they don't look too nice on my lips...The colour just looks chapped and unflattering...It takes far too long for them to dry for me to apply these in the morning before work (no one's got 15-20min to wait for them to dry in the morning!). I only use them if I need the colour to last a long time or when I have enough time to do my makeup. 
I really hate the colour Lovely Peach as well as it is nothing like a peachy colour! Instead it looks yellow on my lips (ended up throwing it in the bin actually). 
Unfortunately I have to say that I am not too impressed with this new invention for Lip Tint Packs unlike so many other people....I'd rather just keep applying my lip sticks or normal lip tints couple times a day rather than having to deal with how long these take to dry and how messy it can be... I recommend to buy one or two of these in the colours that appeal to you the most and not buying the whole set first.

You can get the set from Cosmetic-Love for 20.72GBP (approx.36,000KRW or 31.95USD). You can also buy them individually from other shops.
Here is a 15% off code from your first purchase from Cosmetic-Love: http://r.sloyalty.com/r/uyoRX4eGv4Gd

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Do you know if this brand tests on animals? I do a similar blog and would love to get these to try out- but I really try to avoid products of all kinds tested on animals. (I like bunnies, rats, mice, and doggies too much!)

    1. Hi Emma!
      Unfortunately I do not have an answer to your question. I tried to research Berrisom's animal testing policies but could not find any information. If you support companies that are cruelty-free, I would suggest not to buy products from Berrisom before they are clear about their animal testing policies. You can find cruelty-free Korean companies here:
      Good luck with your blog! :)