(Review) BEYOND: Apple Mint Perfect Cleansing Melting Oil

I was due getting a new cleanser. I have really loved using Innisfree's cleansing oils but I wanted a bit of change. I saw this product and I was very intrigued as it did not sound like your normal cleansing oil plus it was very affordable! You can also get this product in cleansing tissues, foam, water and fresh oil form.

Description & Ingredients:
This cleansing oil gel containing applemint and the Swiss herb complex melts on face and cleanses away heavy makeup, dead skin cells and sebum. After cleansing, skin is left moisturized and fresh. It is suitable for all skin types.

It contains apple mint which removes buildup makeup and impurities in pores, soothes skin and provides a cooling sensation. Swiss Alpine herb complex contains 7 plants cultivated in Swiss organic methods. All of these ingredients cleanse the skin, tighten pores and soothe the skin.
BEYOND does not use any harmful ingredients in their products.

Packaging & Texture:
It comes in a 150ml pump bottle which is hygienic and easy to use. It has a gel type texture that melts on skin and cleanses off even the heaviest of makeup. I like it how easily it spreads due to the gel texture that turn into oil when it is rubbed on skin. I do find myself using quite a lot of the product. You have to take out quite a lot of it unlike with usual cleansing oils one pump is usually enough but with these I need two or three pumps. 

Cleansing Power & Effectiveness:
Naturally I had to test how well it actually cleanses even the heaviest of makeup. I swatched all kinds of makeup on my hand from bb cream to a waterproof mascara. Below you can see pics of my experiment

Starting from bottom: bb cream, liquid eyeliner, waterproof eyeliner, cream eyeshadow, eyebrow liner, waterproof mascara

Spreading cleansing oil

After washing with water
 As you can see it cleanses everything except waterproof liquid eyeliner. I wasn't expecting it to be able to cleanse it as none of the cleansers I have used in the past have not been able to get rid of it but this did a quite good job I have to say. 
I like how my face feels fresh after using this. Unfortunately it is a tad too drying for my skin due to the pore tightening effects. It is does balance my combination skin in terms of oil control. Perhaps in the summer it won't be as drying...


  • Natural ingredients
  • Gel type texture
  • Cleanses all impurities
  • Cleanses most makeup
  • Makes skin feel fresh

  • Runs out quickly
  • Can be too drying

Even though the product runs out quickly due to the gel texture I really like it. It's easier to apply to face and spread than normal cleansing oils. It washes away most makeup and impurities without leaving the skin feel too tight but for now it's too drying for my skin. I'm looking forward to using it during the summer. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals and is cruelty-free. 

Get it from Cosmetic-Love for 18,332KRW(approx. 11GBP or 15.7USD).


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