(Review) MY SCHEMING: Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon 3 Steps Mask Set

That's a mouthful for a name O_o This is not a Korean product but Chinese..It has been the hype over the internet for a while and I just had to try it out because it looked like it would completely remove my blackheads! I've seen a lot of videos on youtube of people removing all of their blackheads with this stuff and I could not wait to get my hands on this thing!

Packaging & Directions:
The set comes in 3 separate bottles that are separate steps to this whole blackhead removing process. 
Step 1 and 3 come in a small 20ml white plastic bottles and Step 2 comes in a 60ml black squeeze tube bottle. 

The directions have caused some confusion in the internet and to be honest, I am still slightly confused. Step 1 tells you to rub the pore opening serum from bottle number 1 into your pores and wait for approx. 8min. You're supposed to wash it away after this. Now the next step is what confuses me...Some people say that you're supposed to leave the areas of your face wet/damp before you apply Step 2. This is not said anywhere in the directions on the packaging. I have tried both ways and I made no difference to the results to be honest. 

In step 2 you use the black gooey stuff from bottle number 2 and spread it evenly on your skin. You don't want it too thin or too thick. After this you wait for 20-30min until it's dry (It took about 40min for me when I left my nose wet). You peel the dried black strip slowly off from your skin and wash off any residue. 
In step 3 you apply the pore tightening serum from bottle 3.

Initial application
After 30min

Even though all the directions seem like a lot of effort, I do think it is worth it in the end. I haven't seen any massive or amazing results unlike some other people but it does it's job at cleaning out my pores. I have seen a big difference on the pores on my cheeks but not so much with my nose or chin. I think that in order for this to really clear out your pores you will either have to have really clogged pores or get the application process spot on! It really helps if you have taken a shower/bath before you apply it so that your pores are open. Sorry if you're easily grossed out but below is a picture of the gunk that came out of my pores. 

  • Effective
  • Good value for money
  • Removes blackheads
  • Smooths skin

  • Applying the right amount can be hard
  • Directions can be confusing
  • Doesn't remove smaller blackheads

I think this is a pretty good blackhead removing set. It really does remove blackheads pretty effectively as you can see in the pic. However, it can be slightly confusing and it is very hard to get the right amount of black stuff and it seems that I always put too much. For me it takes longer than 30min to dry!! I do think that this won't clean all of my blackheads but removes larger ones. I was expecting it to remove absolutely everything when I saw people using it on youtube and to my disappointment it didn't. I have used it a few times know and have followed different directions but they have made no difference. There's definite learning curve with this product....

I do like the fact that it comes with a pore tightening serum as it is important to close up your pores after you have removed the gunk out of them. This is something that you don't get with normal pore strips. I do think that this is almost about the same price as the most popular pore strips on high street but you can use this more often than pore strips (I have already use it for 5 applications and still have over half of product left in all of the bottles). On the long run this is definitely better value for money if you can be bothered doing all of these steps. 

You can get it on Amazon for about 10GBP (approx. 17USD). Ebay also has this product and quite often it's also cheaper.


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  1. I felt a tingling effect on my skin. It stings. I didn't wait for 25 to 30 minutes because I just wanted to test it. Then after washing it, I then applied the last product. blackhead removal mask