New Korean Cosmetics for Summer!

It's that time of the year when all the brands are launching exciting new products! Which makes it very hard not to spend all of your money on them :) I have listed a few new things that have caught my eye recently either because they have been launched recently or because I have recently come across them.  A few of them have been recommended by Korean Beauty gurus on youtube.

1. Etude House Aloe & Watermelon Soothing Gels
If you haven't tried out an aloe soothing gel by any Korean cosmetic brand, now really is the time! I have been a fan of the aloe gel for a long time now and I am so happy to see that Etude House as now come up with watermelon soothing gel too!!!I know what the benefits from aloe vera are but I was curious about watermelon and apparently it has similar effect on skin like aloe vera and it makes the skin smooth and hydrated. 

2. BEYOND Phyto Aqua Cushion
BEYOND launched a phyto aqua skincare line a while ago. I have been a massive fan of the phyto aqua cream which has become my ultimate favourite moisturiser. I will write a review on it soon and how it has improved my skin so much! I was excited when they launched bb cushions for this line and I am extremely tempted to get one! They come in either natural or matte finishes.

3.Code Glökolor Moomin Products

If you are a big Moomin fan like myself then these products are a must!! They are super cute! They are now available on Testerkorea!

4. Aritaum All Day Spots Cover

A very much hyped product among the Korean beauty bloggers! It does an amazing job at covering spots and dark circles! It lasts very well without creasing as well.

5.CNP Propolis Energy Ampule
This isn't a new product that has been launched for the summer but I have discovered this recently. So many people in Korea and beauty bloggers hype about this product so much! Apparently it's excellent for acne skin and helps to clear it out. Worth checking out if you suffer from acne skin.

6. Etude House O-LE-MONG Cleansing line
Very recently launched cleansing line with Vitamin C! They come in sherbet, gel and foam forms and make skin look and feel fresh.

7. The Face Shop Melting Color Lip Creamer
This product line has been inspired by KaKao Friends! It has more products but these caught my eye. They are tinted lip balms that provide moisture and intense colour to your lips but also have a gel base coat that makes the colour last longer.

8. Etude House Hand-Made Jam Play Nail
Another Etude House Product! These colours have actually been made by hand by Etude. The texture is different from regular nail polishes in a sense that it is like putting jam onto your nails that applies smoothly and stays on for long!

9. HERA Magic Starter

These are all-in-one creams that provide moisture and a base for your skin before makeup. They help to create a radiant glow and make makeup last for longer. They come in three different colours and each have slightly different effects on skin. 

Get to shopping people!
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  1. Hi Riina! I bought Beyond Phyto Aqua Cushion a while ago and i haven't try it yet because of the shipping problem from HK. And i'm wondering could you please write your review about it? I'm really curious and i've been searching all over it in the internet but the only blog who wrote something about it was your blog only:(
    Thank you!

    p.s: I love your blog so much!!! I'm new to Korean brand make up so idk much about it and your blog is so helpful hehehe. Sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi Nabs!
      Thank you for your kind words! Means a lot ^^
      I wish I could write a review on the Phyto Aqua Cushion but I haven't been able to get my hands on it which is a shame :( I am trying to get it with my next Korea order but it won't be until the next year unfortunately. I hope you find it good :)