(Review) Etude House: AC Clean Up Mild BB cushion SPF 50 PA +++ (Light Beige)

Almost a moth ago I shared my list of August beauty faves! This product was quite high up on the list and I am finally here to write a full review on it. If you have been reading my blog you may know that I am a fan of Etude House's bb cushions. I think they're very good value for money! Naturally I had to test this one out. I initially saw this on one of Hanbyul videos and she recommended it for people with combination skin.

A BB cushion for "trouble skin" aka acne prone skin. Conceals skin blemishes fast and effectively, leaving only a fresh feeling. Contains soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as tea tree, madecassoside and 60% of Salicylic acid.

Ingredients & Packaging:
It contains tea tree, madecassoside which is an ancient herbal remedy from India, extracts from: horse chestnut, lizard's tail, onions? and papaya. I haven't heard onion extracts being used in cosmetics before and I just had to research how onion is good for your skin. It turns out that onion is a powerful antiseptic which can protect the skin from acne-causing bacteria and other infections....Who knew! It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals other than fragrance which mostly comes from tea tree. However, it does contain salicylic acid which can irritate sensitive skin.

The packaging comes in a 14g  plastic pale green container which is quite a lot thinner than the old bb cushions from Etude. I do find the new packaging better as it is easier to store, more portable and it is lighter than the old ones. It comes with an application puff which unlike the old ones is white/yellow instead of white/blue. Otherwise the puff has remained the same. 

Colour & Texture:
It comes in three colours: Light beige, natural beige and honey beige. Normally I'm a natural beige on Etude House's colour scheme but I watched a review from a woman who had quite pale skin and she said that the light beige was too dark for her skin which made me wonder...I went for the safe option and got the light beige and I did discover that they have changed the colour scheme a bit (at least with this product) and light beige is indeed a better fit to my NC15 skin tone now. It is the never ending problem when it comes to purchasing bb creams and foundations from Korean brands, they all have very different colour systems and they keep changing them slightly.

The texture is very light and spreads onto skin easily. It has a sheer finish that isn't too dewy but not matte either. It looks very natural on skin and doesn't feel too heavy. It does leave the skin feeling a bit sticky after but it doesn't bother me too much.
Coverage & Longevity: 
Now the coverage is the worst thing about this product...It is very light! It's very hard to build this up to a medium coverage. All the reviews I read on this all said the same. Etude House seems to have wanted to make the coverage as light as possible for people with acne skin in order not to clog pores etc. but I imagine that most people with problematic skin would rather have a bit more coverage right?
You can see in the pic below on left hand side that it doesn't cover my large pores or the few spots around my mouth. It does look very natural though. 
The other picture is after 8+ hours. I have to say  it stayed on brilliantly! You can see the redness on my cheekbone but my t-zone doesn't look much oilier than what I started off with. Most foundations and bb creams would start to slide off from my t-zone after about 5 hours. I am super impressed with the longevity since it lasted through me sweating quite a lot while dancing!
Beginning of the day
After 9h

  • Natural ingredients
  • Light texture
  • Longevity
  • Packaging
  • Oil control

  • Coverage
  • Colour availability 
  • Feels sticky on skin

To be honest my first impressions on this product weren't too great due to the very light coverage. After using it for two months I do think that it's an excellent bb cream for people with oily skin, combination and acne skin. It really depends on whether you want coverage or lasting power from your foundation. This is excellent for controlling the oils around my t-zone which is something that not many bb creams have been able to do for my skin in the past. I usually use a primer to even out my skin tone and a concealer anyway underneath the bb cream so the light coverage doesn't bother me as much. I think it's a wort a try if you have problematic skin :)

You can get it from RoseRoseShop for 11,200KRW (approx. 10USD or 7.8GBP). Refill costs about half of the price. 


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