(Review) Missha M: Magic Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ (No 21)

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I finally had a chance to try out another BB cushion and I have to say I was really excited! I still have a couple that I wanna try out before I can decide which is my favourite. I decided to get the Missha Magic Cushion because I use to really like the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream so I thought their other bb creams/cushions must be pretty good too. I am here to share my thoughts and experiences on this product.

First of all the product promises to provide a perfect coverage to help to achieve flawless skin and long lasting makeup. It has micro cover pigments that delivers flawless looking skin and silica-bead powder effectively absorbs sweat and oils making the product last for long. Bamboo water and baobab fruit extract provide moisture to skin and witch hazel extract that soothes and calms the skin.

It comes in a 15g basic bb cushion container. I do think it feels a bit flimsier than other bb cushions that I have bought and is clearly cheaper material as well...The packaging also states that Missha is against animal testing but Missha is still not on Korean Animal Right Advocates list for companies that do not test on animals so it cannot be confirmed whether they really are cruelty-free.

The sponge has been absolutely soaked in the bb cream and when I first pressed the puff into it, waaaaaay too much product ended up on it and I had to press the excess onto my hand. The finish is more on matte side. It's not sheer at all and doesn't really give you that "glow" that most bb creams do. It is perfect for people who like the matte finish for their skin but personally I think it can look too dry on me during autumn and winter...

The colour is a pretty good match to my pale skin although I find that it is a tad too pale perhaps. It is easy to apply but I have to keep in mind not to press the puff too hard or my face will end up looking cakey with too much product on it.

I am very impressed with the coverage of this product. It covers my imperfections and even my large pores really well. I was very happy how good it made my skin look when I was leaving for work in the morning. I would say that it definitely has medium to full coverage.

Unfortunately only after about 2 hours my t-zone started to look oilier than usual and my pores looked patchy. After about 5 hours it had started to completely slide off from my t-zone and it started to accentuate dry areas on my skin. After 8 hours when I finally got back home my t-zone was like an oily mess and it was looking redder than usual due to the fact that the bb cream had just been melted away.

Beginning of the day
After 8hours

I have never experienced my t-zone getting that oily and never that fast! My face was really like a hot mess when I got back home and I was very disappointed. I gave it four more tries but again it didn't stay on longer than 4 hours on my t-zone and was really making my skin look patchy. Personally for me I don't think this is even worth the £4 that it costs :(

  • Medium to full coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Colour matches well
  • Cheap price
Cons: image
  • Accentuates dry areas
  • Makes skin look patchy
  • Lasting power is very poor 
  • Sponge is completely soaked in the product!
  • Cheap packaging
Overall, unfortunately for me the fact that it does not last well at all is a massive downside. I do not have particularly oily face other than my t-zone which usually doesn't get that oily either and this just did not last at all! I am not really a fan of a completely matte finish either since I do have dry areas on my face. I prefer a slightly more sheer finish which will not accentuate these areas. The price of this product was extremely cheap so I wasn't really expecting much of it...I do think that it would be perfect for normal skin types and for people who like a matte finish and a full coverage. There is now a Moisture version of this bb cream and I wonder whether that would be any better for me than this original product....

You can get it from Testerkorea for 6,800KRW (approx. 3.70GBP or 5.70USD)

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