(Review) Ciracle: Good-bye Blackhead! Pore Control Blackhead Off Sheet

Long time!

Sorry I haven't written a post especially a review for awhile :( I have been busy with work/sorting my life out. I am finally here and very exciting the share my thoughts on this brand that I had never heard of before but I've read many reviews on this product and how well it cleanses your pores! I had to try it out because you really can't beat the price as well...I must admit I'm quite lazy when it comes to cleaning my pores and I find that the pore strips that really work well cost way too much! I was happy to find an effortless and a cheap way to clean all that gunk out of my pores!

The product comes in a little jar with tiny tweezers. You get 30 sheets in the jar. I had to count how much you end up paying per sheet and it comes down to about 15p per sheet! Just think about how much pore strips cost! Biore pore strips that are the only ones that work well for me cost about 8GBP and you get 6 pore strips in each package which will cost you 1.33GBP per pore strip!!! 

It also comes with instructions that are in multiple languages (English included!) so you will know what to do. I checked the ingredients of this list and while it contains a lot of good plant extracts it also contains parabens unfortunately.

The sheets have been soaked in formula that opens up your pores and get all that nasty stuff out. The product promises to effectively remove blackheads without irritating the skin. The formula helps blackheads and sebum to soften and elevate above the skin surface which lets you to swipe them off easily. Rough skin surface will become smooth and radiant after use. You're meant to be using it about 2-3 times per week.

You put the sheet on your problem areas such as chin, nose, forehead and cheeks for approx. 15min. You need to make sure that the sheet stays moist and there are no air bubbles between your skin and the sheet. When you remove the sheets you need to use a clean cotton swab to swipe off the gunk. I used a blackhead extractor tool or blackhead tweezer whatever they call it...

When you put the sheets on you start to feel a tingling sensation but to me it was a good sign. After about 15 minutes I removed the sheets and took my blackhead extractor tool and yuck...I didn't need to press hard at all when I saw the gunk coming out from my skin. It was more liquidy than usual because normally when you clean your pores the gunk is quite thick...There was quite a lot of it coming out of my pores and it was shocking but so good to see that I was getting all that nasty stuff out of my skin! Sorry if the below pic is nasty!

Above is a pic of what just came out of my bf's nose pores! Pretty nasty! 
I have to say that I am well impressed with this product. I have been so lazy cleaning my pores because lack of results and the good products are too expensive but now I feel like I can really make this into my beauty regime! I have only used it a couple of times but I can already see the results with my skin and pores. My pores aren't as big any more and my skin especially my nose and my chin look more smooth.

  • Cleanses out pores effectively
  • Takes only 15min
  • Makes skin more smooth
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money
  • Contains parabens 

Overall, I don't find many bad things to say about this product because it works so effectively especially if you do have large pores that need cleansing out. It is a perfect blackhead solution for people like me who are a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning their pores. Just slap on one of these babies and get all that nasty stuff out in 15min!
You can get it from Testerkorea for 8,400KRW (approx. 4.6GBP or 7.10USD)

Hope you enjoyed this review! Have a nice day :)


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  1. I want to try this out! It really seemed effective and it is packaged nicely too :)


  2. Hi Sera!
    I really do recommend it! It clears out blackheads very well :)