Korean Trends Part 4. Fashion Brands

Hello everybody!

It has been awhile since I wrote a post. I have been on a well deserved holiday after finishing my Master's degree! Even though it is still lovely and summery in most places (unlike Scotland) autumn season is fast approaching and it's time to talk about Korean fashion brands! Personally I really like Korean fashion because I think it can be elegant, cute and cool! The clothes are also very affordable and good quality! I have always been very satisfied when I have been shopping clothes and shoes from Korea! I would really like to introduce some of the Korean fashion brands that I really like and are easy to come by! I will also be mentioning some of the online shopping sites where you can buy these brands.

1. Tom and Rabbit:
This is probably my favourite K-fashion brand! It is so chic! The brand describes itself as feminine, modern, cool with a dash of cute! Unfortunately this brand has become harder to find :( and at the moment for people who do not live in Korea Gmarket is probably best way to find these clothes. They do have their own website but it is in Korean and I am not sure whether they ship outside Korea. Gmarket does ship outside Korea but the shipping fees can be quite hefty sometimes but the products are extremely cheap! 

2. Dodostyle:
I would say that this brand makes very effortless yet stylish clothes and is also very affordable. The brand describes itself as young, cute and playful. You can find it at Yesstyle which has plenty of Asian fashion brands and ships to most countries!

Again a very chic brand with stylish, casual clothes with a splash of colour! This brand is also available at Yesstyle

4. MyFiona:
Cute, feminine and elegant! This is also one of my favourites! I've bought a beautiful shirt from this brand and it makes me feel so feminine and elegant! I really like the fabrics that they use for their clothes. You can find it at Yesstyle

Relaxed, casual and chic brand that's very affordable. I would also say that this is a bit more mature brand. You can find it at Yesstyle

6. Bongjashop:
Feminine, charming and trendy. These clothes are so effortlessly trendy. You can find it at Yesstyle

Fun, feminine and sexy. This is a brand for all the confident women out there! Available at Yesstyle.

Chic, mature and cool.  Get the clothes here: Yesstyle

9. Styleonme
For both work and casual wear this brand is for all the women out there! Their fabrics are also very good quality. Find it here: Yesstyle.

One thing to remember about K-fashion is that the clothes often come in one size like with most Asian clothes. There are some exceptions but you will come across to one size most often. I am size 6-8 in the UK and I've never had a problem fitting into the K-brand one sizes. I think most people who are small to medium in size will fit into them. Unfortunately I am not sure about women who are bigger in size than a medium... 

I used to buy my Korean clothes from an online shop called The Jamy but the site is completely in Chinese now and I don't know how to buy things from there now :( I have used Yesstyle and Gmarket before but the shipping did take a very long time!! I've not had a perfect experience with either in terms of the shipping time and customer service but I am yet to find a more reliable site to buy K-fashion than these two sites.
Let me know if you know a better site to buy K-fashion from!
I will be writing a post about K-fashion accessorizes and shoes soon!

Have a fab weekend!


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  1. I LOVE the Dodostyle sweaters!! <3
    Lovely post!! :D

    1. Thanks Ashesela K :) Glad you liked it. Dodostyle sweaters are the best!

  2. Korean style is always very girly