(Review) Etude House: Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion (W13 Natural Beige)

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This BB cushion is another version from the original Previous Mineral Any Cushion and is meant for dryer skin types. As you may know, I really liked the original one but I thought it accentuated the dry areas on my face a tad too much. I decided to buy this because I thought I needed more moisture for my skin. There is also another version called Pearl Aura that has brightener in the formula.

I bought the refill since I already had the compact from buying the original version. The Moist and Pear Aura refills fit into the original compact in case you're wondering.
If you do not know what BB cushions are I recommend reading my review of the original Precious Mineral which has more details about BB cushions in general.

The Moist Any Cushion has 26.7% Baobab water and four times more hyaluronic acid than the other BB cushion that deeply hydrate the skin that lasts longer. With "Glow-Lock-Complex", it creates a layer on the skin to enhance a glossy function and preventing the skin from losing moisture.  
It is free from preservatives, talc, oil, waxes and other chemicals that might irritate the skin. 

You apply it by pressing the puff into the sponge and dabbing the puff all over your face. Do not drag the puff on your face! I've seen people doing this and it does not give an even coverage!

The full sized product comes in a 88g compacts and with 100ml of product. If you already have the compact you can buy the refill that comes in a 32g container and 100ml of product. It comes in three colours: N02 Light Beige, W13 Natural Beige and W24 Honey Beige so there is not much variety with colours. I find that W13 Natural Beige is a perfect match for my somewhat pale skin and I think the 02 Light Beige would be way too pale! I recommend the lightest shade if you have a very pale skin with cool undertones. 

The coverage is light to medium and it can be a bit sheer. I would say that this one has definitely glossier finish than the original Any Cushion but it is not extremely glossy. Personally I like a slight glossy look to my skin because it makes it look healthy and moisturised but if you prefer a matter finish I recommend the original version. It does not feel heavy or sticky on face either...

If you have a dry skin like mine that only gets a bit oily throughout the day, I would definitely recommend it! It does feel hydrating when I apply it to my skin but not in a way that it would feel like I have just applied moisturiser. It does not accentuate dry areas on my face unlike the original Any Cushion. I think this BB cushion would be perfect for winter as it provides extra moisture to your face...The summer is really cold in Scotland at the moment so I cannot say much about whether it's too moisturising for the summer...

It would say that it lasts as long as the original Any Cushion so approx. 5-8h depending on your skin type and humidity etc.I started to see it sliding off from my t-zone after 6 hours or so but I was also wearing a really good primer so it could be even less if you don't wear a primer! 
I cannot see this lasting for long on oily skin types since it would be too moisturising and it does not have very good oil control since it's packed with hyaluronic acid and baobab water...As you can see in the picture it does not cover all of my imperfections but it give my skin a nice healthy glow and the colour matches my skin perfectly!

Pros: image

  • Slight glossy finish
  • Provides moisture to skin
  • Does not feel heavy or sticky
  • Suitable for dry skin types
  • Does not accentuate dry areas
Cons: image
  • Not suitable for all skin types (oily)
  • Unhygienic
  • Runs out quickly
Some of the pros and cons are my opinion for BB cushions overall and I am not gonna go much into that anymore but just focusing on the BB cream itself. 
Overall, I think it is excellent for dry skin types. I have a combination skin that's on the dryer side but my t-zone does get oily. This still lasts on my skin for a good 5 hours without any major fading but after that my t-zone does start to look oily. I would use this BB cushion when my skin needs more moisture and the original one during summer or times when it does not need the extra moisture. 

You can get the full sized product from Testerkorea for 14,400KRW (approx. 8GBP or 12.5USD) or the refill for 8,000KRW (approx. 4.5GBP or 7USD)

Have a fab day! :)


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