(Review) BEYOND: Angel Aqua Cream and Toner

I went on a shopping craze when I saw that one of the online K-brand store was well stocked with BEYOND products. I was due getting a new moisturizer so I decided to get this one. To my surprise I also got a free gift with it which is a travel sized Angel Aqua Toner. I decided to get the Angel Aqua set because I had read that it was good for sensitive skin which I always suffer from during autumn and winter. 

I absolutely love BEYOND's packaging and I appreciate that they put in all of those pictures to show what they stand for. If you're not familiar with BEYOND yet I really do recommend checking them out as they are cruelty-free, paraben-free, eco-friendly and recycle their packaging.

The full sized Angel Aqua Cream comes in a 250g plastic tub and you get 100ml of product! You also get a free travel sized (20ml) Angel Aqua Toner.

 The Angel Aqua Toner contains 33.4% of mineral sprout water which contains energy of the three sprouts raised with clean spring water. The sprouts provide vitality and build a moisture barrier while an extract of angel's tear keeps skin soft and moisturized without stickiness. 
The directions tell you to after cleansing to dab it all over face.

The consistency is very thick for a toner that I have used to. As you can see it's not runny at all and is more like a serum consistency. I use it like I would use any other toner, by wiping it all over my face with a cotton pad even if it says to dab it all over your face. I like to use a toner with a cotton pad because then I can see whether there is any residue makeup on my face. There is no scent or alcohol to it whatsoever so it would be suitable for sensitive skin types as well.

I have not been using many toners in the past but I like the fact that you apply them on a cotton pad and wipe your face. I was disappointed to find out that the consistency is so thick it won't sink in well into a cotton pad. I still use a cotton pad to wipe my face with it rather than just apply it to my face but it doesn't feel as refreshing as other toners but it does feel hydrating on skin. However, it does feel like wiping a serum all over my face. If you're looking for a watery toner this is definitely not the way to go. This is more suitable for very dry skin types and sensitive skin. For oily skin types I would recommend trying out Skinny Pore Daily Toner

  • Hydrating
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Does not dry out skin

  • Thick consistency
  • Does not feel as refreshing as other toners
  • Hard to apply with a cotton pad
I have to say that it is a pretty good toner for my dry combi skin that can be sensitive as well. I would not be using this during the spring or summer as it would be waaaaay too moisturizing but it's getting really cold so this adds that extra hydration that my skin that it needs now.

 The Angel Aqua Cream also contain mineral sprout water (70.1%), which contains energy of the three sprouts raised with clean spring water. The sprouts having a strong life energy, organic babasu butter and ceramides moisturize the skin without leaving a sticky feel while retaining moisture. It does not come with a spatula.

The consistency is gel like like rather than creamy. I think it is very similar to Etude House's Moistfull Collagen. It sinks into my skin very fast and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Like the Angel Aqua Toner this does not have a scent or alcohol in it either so it is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Personally I really like the gel texture. It spreads easily and feel really hydrating on skin. It creates a moisturised layer on my skin that doesn't feel too heavy or sticky. 
It can also be used as a sleeping pack by applying more product onto entire face. While I have been using this moisturiser, I have notice that I don't have as many dry areas on my face and the redness on my cheekbones due to dryness is almost gone. My skin also looks more glowy than before and my make up goes on smoother. This is definitely and excellent moisturiser if you need deep moisture and hydration for your skin.

Pros: image
  • Provides hydration
  • Doesn't feel heavy or sticky
  • Can be used as a sleeping pack
  • Good for sensitive skin types
  • Gel type texture
  • Retains moisture

Cons: image
  • No other functions other than moisturizing
I really like this moisturizer. I like how refreshing it feel when I apply it. My skin was slightly irritated due to cleansing wipes that I was using and this just made my skin feel 100 times better. It really provides that moisture to your skin and also retains it. I really recommend it to people with sensitive skin as well. It made a massive difference to my skin and made the redness and dryness from my cheeks disappear. The only downside is that it doesn't provide any firming or brightening functions like for example Etude House's Collagen Moistfull Cream. Personally it is not a huge downside for me as I can use an anti-aging essence or serum to make up for it. 

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