(Review) Mizon: Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

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Sorry I've been posting so many reviews on Etude House's products but my last haul from Korea contained a lot of products from them...I wanted to give this one a lot of time before I wrote a review since I feel like with anti-aging product you need to wait until you see the possible results. I have not had a chance to use a lot of different eye creams yet so I am not quite sure what to expect of them...I also don't have major signs of aging yet (touches wood) so my expectations are not extremely high either...

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream comes in a 10ml plastic tube. 
There is a whole list of things that this eye cream promises:
1. It contains high amount of marine collagen that improves skin's elasticity and keeps your skin hydrated and smooth.
2. Contains an ingredient called Copper Tripeptide-1 that regenerates damaged tissue around the eyes and boosts synthesis of collagen and elasticity. It creates a younger looking skin. 
3. Organic argan oil, adenosine and hylaronic acid add and retain moisture to your skin.
4. It is free from benzophenone, ethanol, paraben,artificial scent and colour.
It also contains marine collagen (same ingredient used in Etude House's Moistfull Collagen cream and essence) that is extracted from fish scales. This has been found to have beneficial effects for human skin since it has similar molecular structure to human skin.  It is not vegan friendly!

On top of these ingredients it also has cacao extract and raspberry extracts for skin soothing and elasticity and olive oil, sun flower seed oil, mango see oil and shea butter O_o....Geez this is a long list but at least they are all good ingredients :)

The consistency is thick but the colour is clear. There is no distinct smell to hence it is free from artificial scents. It is easy to apply around the eye area and you're just supposed to dab an appropriate amount until absorbed. I have been using over half a tube now and I use it once a day before bed. 

Unfortunately since I don't have any major signs for wrinkles yet I cannot say much about the effectiveness for wrinkles or give you an before and after picture of using this. I can say that I can instantly feel the moisture around my eyes and it feels very soothing. I have noticed that the dry patches in the corner of my eyes are also gone. I did not see any major signs when it comes to my fine lines but they do look slightly less prominent than before. My eye area also looks more full of youthful and smoother than before.

Pros: image
  • Moisturising
  • Soothing
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Free from 5 formula
  • Improves skin's elasticity
  • Smooths out skin

Cons: image
  • Not very effective for fine lines
Overall, unfortunately I cannot say much about its effectiveness for wrinkles but I can say that it makes my eye area look more smooth than before (I'm in my early twenties). It also provides a lot of moisture and feels very soothing on my eye area. During summer I also put it in the fridge and then apply it which feels heavenly on a hot summer day!

If you are not a fan of putting snail extract on your eye area, which seems so popular in most of the eyes creams these days, I would recommend this. I think this is a great eye cream for preventing wrinkles as well since it does make your skin more youthful and smooths the skin on your a delicate eye area.
I have not tried a lot of different eye creams yet but so far this is my favourite!

You can get it from Testerkorea for 4,500KRW (approx. 2.50GPB or 3.80USD).

Have a great day! 


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  1. I seriously never understood the anti-aging products' hype and always am reluctant to get any for me yet, nevertheless the articles is very well written Bia! I loved the girly & neat blog lay out a lot.


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    1. Hi Neeraj!

      Thanks a lot for your support :)

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