My Top 5 Korean Brand Lip Products!


I am running out of things to review (haven't had time to shop for k-brands) but I will be making a huge haul soon so wait for a massive amount of products to be reviewed! I wanted to do something different and share my top 5 k-brand lip products! I don't know about you but I hoard a lot of lip products but probably only use less than half of them. These 5 are definitely among the products I use most often!

1. Innisfree Eco Flower Tint Balm
If you have tried Maybelline's Baby Lips and liked them, you should definitely try these because they are even better! I feel like they are more moisturising and more pigmented than Baby Lips

2. Etude House Cherry Tints

These last for a very long time! Unfortunately the lightest pink isn't very pigmented but the others are enough pigmented for me and I like the sheer colour.

3. Missha Signature Glam Art Rouge

Brilliant and very affordable! Stays on pretty well and pigmented!

4. Etude House Kissful Tint Choux
These are quite old by now...but I still like them. Extremely hydrating even though they are tints. They are not as sheer either but more like a lip glossy type of texture. They don't last quite as long as other lip tints but I like the texture and moisture a lot.

5. Etude House Missing U Lip Balms
If you have ever used eos lip balms these are perfect dupes for them! Funnily enough I find that these are easier to come by than the eos ones even when they are so popular. The green one in my opinion provide slightly less moisture than eos ones but otherwise they are pretty much the same. These (except the blue one) also give your lips a tinted colour which I really like. These were created to spread awareness for endangered birds: Eagle owl, Kakapo, Barn owl and Bluebird. 

These are my top 5...Though I think I can be easily impressed by lip lipsticks and lip glosses because my expectations are not quite high....The colour never seems to last on my lips for too long unfortunately :( That's why I have more lip tints on the list because they actually last on my lips :)

Have a good day!


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  1. I've never even seen those Missing U lipbalms before! How could they have flown under my radar - they are SO CUTE!
    I love the innisfree tintbalms, too! I've got one of them in orange and it's such a nice color for summer~