(Review) Etude House: Beauty Shot Face Blur Base SPF 33 PA++

Another base makeup to review! I get bored easily with primers and sometimes I think that they aren't actually as good as they should be! I heard so many good things about this makeup base and people are raving about it. I was on a look out for a new base and I had to try this one out. I am not too keen on the name though....I mean who wants to blur their face??? O_o

The product has a 3in1 multi blurring effect (whatever that means??) that makes skin the skin look softer and smoother, makes pores and uneven skin tone look less visible and brightens skin. It also balances oils on your skin and provides a moist look for your skin. It sounds to me that it promises what most base/primer makeup do....

Packaging & Directions:
It comes in a 100g plastic pump bottle which is very hygienic for a base makeup and you get 35g of product. I find that most squeeze tube bottles end up getting quite messy so I was very pleased with it. The packaging is very light so it won't be heavy to transport.  

The directions tell you that you can either use it by itself to even out the skin tone and cover minor imperfections or it can be used as a base for a bb cream or a foundation. You apply the product thinly and evenly all over the face.

Ingredients & Scent:
The scent is a bit overpowering for me. I've read that some people think it's a floral scent but to me it's very soapy scent that's not very pleasant. If you're sensitive to smells, I would stay away from this product! 
I checked through the ingredients list for this product and could not find any majorly irritating ingredients. It does contain high amount of SPF which will reflect in pictures (especially flash photography) so this is not the way to go if you do not like primers with SPF. 

Colour & Texture:
The colour is almost exactly the same as BEYOND's Angel Aqua base in peach. It is very pale peachy colour. If you're worried that the colour won't suit your skin, fear not! It will blend in with your skin tone and won't look peachy! Unfortunately I do not think this would suit darker or tanned skin tones as it would make your skin look very pale and pasty! 

The texture is almost like a light weight lotion that blends easily. It does not feel heavy or sticky on skin at all which I was very pleased about. It feels very light and my skin feels very smooth afterwards. It provides a bit of extra hydration to your skin but not too much.

Coverage & Longevity:
It definitely evens out the redness on my fave and the skin tone. It covers small pores but does not quite cover larger pores. 
It makes my b cream last for a good amount of time. My t-zone started to get slightly oily after 6 hours and after about 8 hours it was looking quite shiny. Therefore, I think that the longevity is quite average for a primer.

Etude House Face Blur
Etude House Face Blur & bb cream

  • Makes skin feel smoother 
  • Evens out skin tone 
  • Covers minor pores
  • Doesn't feel heavy or sticky

  • Doesn't cover larger pores
  • Longevity is average
  • Not suitable for darker/tanned skin tones

I think it is quite average base makeup. The few things that do stand out for me with this product are how light it feels on skin, it's not sticky at all and how well it evens out redness. It didn't make my t-zone any less oily than most primers. I think it's most suitable for normal skin and maybe dry skin types jut because it didn't control oils as well as I thought it would have...but it didn't accentuate any dry areas on my face. I have to say that I prefer this over BEYOND's Angel Aqua Base because it's so light weight and covers pores better. This is also better for spring and summer as it doesn't have too much of a moisturising effect. 

You can get it from Testerkorea for 12,750KRW( approx. 10USD or 7.5GBP)


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