(Review) BEYOND: Alice In Glow Cushion SPF50+ PA +++ (01 Milk Cake)

I came across to this product line Alice in Wonderland by BEYOND before it came out and I was disappointed that I couldn't get my hands on it when it was released! However, I was happy to discover that it is available in some of the Korean cosmetics online shops and obviously had to try the bb cushion first! It sounded like it was going to be very good for by dry combi skin for the winter!

When I ordered the bb cushion it a refill was also included in the price which made it a must buy for me as I find that bb cushions are not good value for money and they run out very quickly. Having a refill will always come in handy!

The cushion promises to provide glow and moisture maintaining coverage and brightness on fine skin all day long with micro foam cushion. It contains British royal black tea essence that provide moisture to your skin and a healthy glow.

Packaging and Directions:
It comes in a 15g plastic container that feels a bit sturdier that some other bb cushions that I have used. I have to say that this one also has by far the best puff applicator! It's very soft and sinks in the product so that when you dab it onto your skin you always end up with product. The sponge has not been completely soaked in bb cream which is a plus so that you don't end up with a cakey face.

Colour and Finish:
The colour that I ordered is the 01 Milk Cake and I do think it's a perfect fit to my skin tone which is quite pale but I do have some warm undertones to it. It does not have white cast when applied to skin. It spreads really easily and has a light to medium coverage. I would definitely say that it has a sheer finish and makes your skin look dewy as Koreans like to call it. I don't recommend it if you prefer a matte finish!

Personally I really like the dewy finish that this bb cream provides to your skin. It makes my skin look healthy and glowy but not overly shiny or oily. That being said I would not recommend this to people with oily skin because it might just accentuate the oiliness of your skin. It is good for people with dry skin as it doesn't accentuate dry areas on face. As you can see in the pic below it does have a pretty good coverage but it doesn't cover all of the imperfections on my face especially my pores!

The lasting power is what I really I dislike about this product. It does not last on my face longer than about 4 hours. I have also tried it with two different primers and they made no difference to the lasting power. It just sort of fades away from my skin rather than melts away or sticks into my pores so it is easy enough to reapply it without making my skin look like a mess. However, after a few hours my skin does look oily rather than dewy which is not what I want. 

  • Provides moisture to skin
  • Dewy finish/healthy glow
  • Cute and sturdy packaging
  • High quality puff applicator

Cons: image
  • Lasting power
  • Colour availability
  • Not buildable enough coverage

If you are a fan of bb cushions that provide that dewy glow to your skin, I highly recommend it! I am very impressed how high quality the packaging and the puff applicator are. The puff is super soft and picks up a lot of the product. The design is also super cute ^^. I do think it provides enough coverage for my skin (except my pores!!) but for people with more skin troubles I don't think it is buildable enough to cover larger imperfections. I have to admit that I think the finish is slightly too dewy for my combination skin and can look oily after a few hours. I think it's an excellent bb cushion for those with very dry skin.

You can get the cushion and a refill from Testerkorea for 26,000KRW (approx. 15GBP or 22USD).


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