(Review) TonyMoly: Inked Cushion Gel Liner (02 Brown)

Where do I start with this....I really really really did not like this eyeliner at all!! I don't write such negative reviews often but this was just so bad that I need to share my opinions on it.
I do feel like TonyMoly eyeliners can be either really good or really bad and unfortunately this one goes to the bin!

  • "Liquid gel type cushion liner which has specialized gel base for clear and vivid eye make-up. It helps easy make-up to control thickness when applied with elastic brush.
  • Light texture likes feather and vivid eye line likes drawing with color ink.
  • Quick dry and easy washable eye liner"

The packaging was the first thing that got me interested in this product as it is super cute! It is made out of plastic and you get 2g of product. The brush is like quill and the top lid is like a top of an ink bottle. Inside you get a cushion that has been soaked in the product. It is a similar concept to cushion bb creams.  

Texture & application:
First of all the texture is nothing like a gel eyeliner should be. It reminds me more of a really bad liquid eyeliner texture. You really need to soak the brush in the product and dip it in a few times to get enough product for one application.

It dries up super fast! I'm pretty fast at applying my liner but by the time I re-dipped the brush into the cushion, the line I had previously drawn had dried up. I just ended up making a huge mess as the product started to flake off when I tried to apply more on top of it. It is impossible to get a nice clean line with this product let alone wing it out! The fact that the cushion completely dried up within few months of purchase really shows how dry the texture is...

The brush is also a huge problem as it is too big for this kind of product. I did try to use another brush with it but as the texture is so awful, it didn't make much of a difference. 
I also gave it a couple of tries and watched videos to see whether I was just using it wrong but no...nothing worked. Below you can see my best efforts trying to apply this product....

Pigmentation & Longevity:
The pigmentation is pretty good and I like the brown shade. The longevity was also very good as it didn't fade much during my working day. A downside to longevity was that it did flake off a bit. It is quite definitely smudge proof and quite good against water. 


  • Pigmentation
  • Longevity

  • Texture
  • Brush
  • Not a gel eyeliner
  • Application is too hard
  • Dries too quickly

I really don't recommend it. TonyMoly has made good affordable gel eyeliners in the past and this is not one of them! I was intrigued by the unique concept and the packaging but the actual product was a huge let down. It is very cheap though and only costs around 7USD but I think it's better to invest on something better. I was so disappointed in this that I don't think I will be buying TonyMoly's eyeliners in awhile...

If you do want to give it a go you can get it from RoseRoseshop for 7.36USD. 


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