(Review) BEYOND: Aqua Bloom Moisture Serum

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This is my first product review from a brand called BEYOND! In case you're not familiar with this brand it is a fairly new brand that is against animal-testing, uses minimal amount of chemicals and is eco-friendly! It is not the cheapest Korean brand but the fact that they stand for so many good things, in my opinion is worth paying a bit more. I was very sad when I couldn't find reviews of their products in English at all! Hopefully my thoughts/opinion will help some people and will hopefully get people more excited about this brand!

Let me just start off by saying how much I love the packaging of this product! I mean it's so pretty and pink! I also really appreciate that they have added all this information on the packaging. As you can see in the pic below it has been dermatologically tested, paraben-free, minimum amount of chemicals colorants, against animal testing, eco-friendly and recycled packaging. 

This serums promises to deeply moisture and firm the skin. Micro hyaluronic acid and kakadu plum allow a gentle and moisture firming from deep inside. It also contains 11% of eco-certified centella extract. I have checked the ingredient list but I cannot find any major skin irritants or other harsh chemicals in it. It doesn't have any distinctive scent to it. 

It comes in a handy and hygienic 55ml plastic pump bottle. First I thought it was a glass bottle but it is just very thick plastic. I have to say that the consistency of the serum is a lot thicker than I initially thought. Personally I prefer serums that are more liquid in texture... It has a milky texture and white colour to it. It spreads on easily and as you can see it creates a really moisturised looking layer.

In the directions it says to use it after your toner. I like how a little drop of this goes a long way. It absorbs really fast and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Sometimes when I use products with hyaluronic acid they absorb incredibly fast but leave my face feeling a tad dry but this leaves almost like a layer of moisture on my skin that doesn't feel too heavy. I have also noticed that my makeup goes on smoother now that I have been using this serum.

I would definitely say that it might be too heavy for people with oily skin. It's very good for my combination skin that's on the dryer side especially during the colder months. I think this would be excellent for people with dry skin!

Pros:  image
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Very moisturising
  • Little goes a long way
  • Hygienic packaging
  • Locks in moisture to your skin
Cons: image
  • Can be a bit heavy for oily skin types
  • Thick consistency
Overall, I think it's an excellent serum. It locks in moisture to your skin and creates a layer of moisture. It makes my skin feel smoother and moisturised. It is also eco-friendly and contains eco certified extracts and on top of that cruelty-free! I definitely recommend it to people with normal, combination or dry skin!

You can get it from Testerkorea for 24,000KRW (approx. 13GBP or 20USD)

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