(Review) Etude House: Real Art Mild Cleansing Oil

My skin is having a really hard time adjusting to the new climate! I'm used to the wet and cold weather in the UK but here it is extremely dry and cold! I need products that are hydrating enough for my skin. This can be very tricky with cleansing oils since my skin also needs something that is going to make it feel refreshed. I have been using this cleansing oil since October so I have got a good idea how it works for my skin by now.

"This is a mild water-friendly type cleansing oil containing moisture retaining green tea seed extract and soothing chamomile extract, effectively removing makeup residue and skin impurities." 
"Directions: Apply appropriate amount of cleansing oil onto dry hands and gently smooth over dry face to dissolve makeup. Emulsify by adding water (the oil will turn milky white) then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water."

Ingredients & Packaging:
It contains very few ingredients and minimum amount of chemicals. The two main ingredients are Green Tea Seed Oil and Chamomile. It doesn't contain any parabens. 

It comes in a hard plastic square bottle and you get 185ml of product. The actual pump comes in a separate plastic bag and the actual bottle has a screw top which can be changed to the pump. It is easy to transport since you can either switch the pump to the screw top or the pump comes with a stopper.

Texture & Cleansing Power:
The texture of this cleansing oil is very runny, in fact runnier than all of the other cleansing oils I have used. It can be hard to apply sometimes since it will just run out of your hand before you get to apply it to your face! 

It is a very mild cleansing oil which leaves skin feeling clean but not dry. I wouldn't say my skin feels refreshed but I do like the soothing smell of chamomile. I did have my doubts about the cleansing power because it leaves my skin feeling maybe a bit too hydrated...I haven't noticed any good or bad effects on my skin since using it.

I tested the cleansing power with different kinds of makeup. In the pics below you can see the results.
Starting from the bottom: foundation, cream blush, liquid liner, gel liner, brow mascara, waterproof mascara
Spreading the cleansing oil
After rinsing with water

As you can see, it cleanses everything except the liquid eyeliner which it ended up just spreading all over my arm. I have also noticed that even though it cleansed the waterproof mascara in these pics it doesn't do a good job cleansing it from my eyes. I always end up with terrible raccoon eyes! The cleansing power is average but it could have been expected from a cleansing oil with minimum amount of ingredients. It's not bad if you don't mind that you will end up having to use a lot of eye makeup remover to get rest of the makeup off.

Pros:panda 35
  • No harsh ingredients
  • Soothing chamomile scent
  • Packaging
  • Good for sensitive and dry skin types
Cons:panda 23
  • Cleansing power could be better
  • Consistency is too runny
I think this is a very average cleansing oil. I imagine it would be very good for those with sensitive skin since it doesn't contain harsh ingredients and it doesn't make your skin feel too dry. However, for my combination skin (even if it is sensitive and dry during winter) it is not as good making my skin feel refreshed. I think the cleansing power could be better...I have admit that out of the cleansing oils that I have used so far, this is probably my least favourite but it isn't bad! It just doesn't do anything for my skin :/ 

Get it from Beautynetkorea for 14.36USD (approx. 13.5EUR or 11.4GBP)


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