Korean BeautyTrends for 2017!

Hope everyone's had a good start to the new year! First of all I wanted to thank everyone for the kind words and support that I have been getting for the past two years. It made my day to read your kind messages and comments. I hope you will continue to support my blog in the future :)

A year ago I shared a post about K-beauty trends for 2016 which seems forever ago. A lot of things change in a year and many of those trends are gone by now and new ones have popped up. Today I am here to share some of the trends that are going to be big this year! The future for K-beauty trends remains to be seen :)
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1. Contouring
This has been a fad for awhile now in the West and Korea started to pick up on it last year. This year they are taking it to the next level with somewhat extreme colour correcting. Etude House released recently play 101 color contouring sticks. Each have two different colours and hide flaws and light up the features that you want. This year is all about making your features pop and hide any flaws on the skin.
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2. Natural ingredients
You may have noticed that many K-brands are advertising natural ingredients and toxic free products. 2017 is going to be all about natural ingredients from plants and natural sources. Ingredients like bamboo, lotus, royal fermented honey (propolis) and birch juice will be substituting other not so effective ingredients. Centella is going to be one of the big ingredients in cosmetics this year for its soothing, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial effects for the skin. 

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3. Convenience
Mask sheets have so far come in microfiber and gel textures but in 2017 clay based mask sheets will replace old clay masks that take longer and require washing after use. 2017 is all about convenient products that require less amount of time. Moisturizers now also come in stick forms for convenience. 
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4. Knowing Your Skin
A 10-step Korean skincare routine are often advertised everywhere but this isn't true for all of the Koreans. The key to many Koreans as well is to knowing what your skin needs. This year is all about learning about your skin type and knowing what works best for it. I have a combination skin that requires a lot of skincare steps (5-8) in order to keep my skin balanced. My SO has a normal skin with occasional acne breakouts and he only uses 1-3 skincare products. Learn to listen to your skin and see what it needs. If you live in a country with 4 seasons like me, the key is also to know how your skin reacts to different temperatures. 

5. More variety on BB cushions and creams
K-brands are creating bb cushions/creams with finishes that suit your skin type while trying to make it look healthy and glowy so the super dewy skin look is not as popular anymore. People with dry skin should opt for dewy finish while people with oily skin should opt for semi-matte finish. More shade options for bb cushions/creams having been popping out during 2016 so hopefully there is going to be even more shade options for 2017.
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6. Powder Serums
These will be replacing some of the more traditional serums in 2017. Basically it's a serum that comes in a powder form but turns into liquid once applied to face. They are supposed to be more stable and potent than old serums.

7. New Oil Treatments
Coconut oil was a staple for a lot of us in 2016. Now we have to make way for sheep and egg oil! Sounds a bit scary especially the sheep oil but it has been extracted from wool and not the actual sheep. Sheep oil (Lanolin) is already being used in lip balms because it acts as a very strong moisturiser. While egg oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to heal burns and reduce scarring. It can also be used as an anti-aging treatment.
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8. 10-step scalp and hair care
10 step skincare routine will be taken to another level in 2017 and your scalp will be receiving the same treatment. It's all about hair care now in Korea and it's important to invest in it. I have no idea what the 10 products are that you're supposed to include into this routine as I have not found any guides yet but it will involve a lot or scalp treatments and essences apparently.

9. Dark and matte lips
This was pretty big in 2016 in the West and a lot of celebrities were wearing dark purple lip colours. A lot of brands also released a lot of matte lip products. Lip tints have been a big thing in Korea for a long time but they will be taken to the next level with more bold colours and matte finishes. These will accompany the traditional "moist" finish and light pink, red and coral colours. 

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The Saem Eco Soul KISS Button Lips Matte
10.  Aqua Peeling
This is an alternative to chemical exfoliation. With aqua peeling you exfoliate your skin and hydrate it making it ideal for combination skin types and to those with pimples and dry patches. 

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That's all for now. We shall see how big these trends will become throughout the year!


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