(Review) COSRX: Propolis Light Ampule

What a busy month January turned out to be! No worries I've got a lot of reviews to write for you! The one that I chose to review first is from COSRX. I used this product for over a month and unfortunately I found out something that was quite unfortunate :(

"Black bee's strong propolis is contained for deep and rich nutrition. Gorgeous Light ampoule that makes your face gorgouse with shine. Relax trouble and vitalize : as soon as applied it moisturizes your skin and soothe sensitive skin! This presents your face soft shine by making your skin texture silky." It is suitable for all skin types.

Packaging & Ingredients:
It comes in a glass container with 20ml of product and a pipette applicator that is also glass. The packaging is very high quality I must say and I like how hygienic it is. It contains propolis which is a "bee glue" rather than your typical honey. It has powerful health balm and even has some anti-cancer properties. It is good for the skin in a sense that it has anti-bacterial,  anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. If you're allergic to honey do not use use this product!
In the picture below you can see all the ingredients and how to use it.

Texture & Effects: 
The texture is quite thick and not very runny. It spreads very easily and sinks into skin fast.
It doesn't leave a sticky or tacky feeling on skin. 
Now unfortunately I cannot talk about much about the positive effects that this product promises to provide. It seems like I might be sensitive to honey and my skin didn't react well to this product. I don't really understand how this happened as I have consumed honey plenty times and I have never got an allergic reaction! It must be that my skin just doesn't deal well with it or my skin was too sensitive to this in general which seems unlikely since it's supposed to "soothe" sensitive skin.

Below you can see how my skin got very inflamed and so dry that I got bumps on my cheeks. My skin felt really dry and tight every time I applied it to. This was very unfortunate as this was the first ampoule that I ever have tried and I really wanted to like it!

Pros:crazy monkey 022
  • Minimum amount of ingredients
  • Packaging
  • Texture

Cons:crazy monkey 013
  • Really not suitable for people who are sensitive/allergic to honey

I think this could have been an excellent amouple for me but I really didn't know that my skin would be sensitive to honey. I've read a lot good reviews on this product so I must just be unlucky. I really recommend finding out whether you are sensitive to honey before using skincare products that contain honey! I had no idea myself! I really wish I would have been able to comment on the things that it promises but not this time :/

You can get if from RoseRoseShop for 18,800KRW (approx, 16 USD or 15EUR)

I have another product from COSRX to write about and it has been working a lot better than this! Stay tuned for that!


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