(Review) NEOGEN: Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Hope you're enjoying the spring if you're on my side of the equator. Unfortunately for me it's seems to be taking forever to arrive this year. Visited Scotland over Easter where it was lovely!

NEOGEN is one of the few Korean brands that have been leaping bunny certified meaning that they are cruelty-free! This product has been out for a awhile but I've finally managed to try it myself over the past 3 months and I am here to share my thoughts on it!

"This product provides gentle yet effective exfoliation of dead skin cells and impurities, leaving skin smoother and clear. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the surface of the skin using the unique 3 layer pad technology, as lactic acid penetrates deep into your pores to clean out pore-clogging debris"

Ingredients & Packaging:
It contains an ingredients called Resveratrol that comes from red wine. Resveratrol is a particularly potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radical damage and allows the collagen to keep on pumping. It also has naturally occuring BHA that helps to exfoliate the skin. 
The product also contains fragrance and alcohol so if your skin is very sensitive to either of these ingredient this is not a product for you! It smells quite sweet a not like red wine at all!

They come in a big 450g plastic jar that contains 30 single use pads. They are very hygienic since they are single use only. The pads have two sides and you're supposed to use the harsh side first in a circular motion all around your face and then swap to the softer side and then do the same thing and finally rinse your face. 


I've not used many scrubs/exfoliators in the past because I think my skin is too sensitive for them. This did sound like it was going to be gentle enough for my sensitive skin and I was happy to discover that it is! It leaves my skin super soft after use and it doesn't make my skin irritated. I use the pads once a week but if you have more oily/acne prone skin you could use them twice a week. I haven't notice a difference in breakouts or the amount/size of blackheads but I do have less whiteheads than usual and my skin feels refreshed.

Pros:kiss pink mouse
  • single use pads
  • leave skin soft
  • exfoliates skin well
  • cruelty-free

Cons:ears pink mouse
  • Smell

As I have not used many exfoliators in the past I haven't got that much experience in using them. I have to say that out of the ones that I have used this is definitely the best. They are gentle enough not to irritate my skin but still manage to leave my skin feeling soft and refreshed. These will definitely become a part of my skincare routine. They also come in Lemon or Green Tea versions!

You can get them from RoseRoseShop for 13,740KRW (approx. 13,30USD or 11,40EUR)


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