Korean Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin

I know a few people who have a sensitive skin type and have been wondering about whether it is safe for them to buy Korean cosmetics. I decided to dedicate this post those people and everyone who have been wondering the same. I occasionally suffer from sensitive skin myself and know how hard it can be sometime. I did a lot of research for this post and I hope it helps :)

The thing with sensitive skin is that there are plenty of ingredients that might irritate your skin and this can vary between individuals. I have researched product from different brands that contain little/no harsh chemicals such as alcohol, antibacterial ingredients, retinoids or fragrance and have more natural ingredients. My skin gets irritated by alcohol during the autumn and winter even my skin type isn't actually that sensitive.

I have read a couple of blog posts about Korean cosmetics for sensitive skin and when I checked the ingredient list for the products that they were recommending, I was shocked to find so many irritating ingredients in them! I highly recommend to always check the ingredient list before you buy cosmetics especially if you know ingredients that might irritate your skin.

1. Innisfree: The Minimum Facial Cleanser. 2. The Saem: Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water.
3. BEYOND: Oh My! Sensitive Cleansing Oil. 4. Laneige: Oil Free Liquid Cleanser. 5. BEYOND: Just Beyond Cream Puff Oat Milk Foam. 6. It's Skin: Green Tea Calming Cleansing Oil.

To my surprise I did not find any cleansers from Nature Republic, Skinfood or The Face Shop that would have been suitable enough for sensitive skin in my opinion. They quite often contained fragrance or preservatives. The products mentioned here contained a lot of natural ingredients and no fragrances, alcohol or other irritants. 


1. Etude House: Skin Mal:gem Essential Toner. 2. Innisfree: The Minimum Toner. 3. BEYOND: Herb Skin Water Rose. 4. Nature Republic: Phyto Origin Mild Toner. 5. Secretkey: Aloe Soothing Moist Toner.


1. Innisfree: The Minimum Ampoule Essence. 2. Laneige: Balancing Emulsion Sensitive. 3. The Saem: Power Ampoule Hydra. 4. Ciracle: Anti-Redness K Lotion. 5. Atomy: Calming Care Special Again Serum 6. The Face Shop: Calming Seed SOS Care Essence

Moisture Creams:

1. Innisfree: The Minimum Fresh Cream. 2. TonyMoly: Naturalth Goat Milk Baby Cream. 3.It's Skin; Clinical Solution Sensitive Rich Moisturizer Cream 4. Etude House: Pure Water Baobab Moist Cream. 5. BEYOND: Angel Aqua Cream. 6. BEYOND: Aqua Bloom Moisture Cream


1. Etude House: Sunshine In Spoon Scrub Massages. 2. BEYOND: Sheet Masks. 3. BEYOND: Himalaya Moisture Sleeping Pack. 4. Etude House: Play Therapy Sleeping Pack Hydra. 5. Innisfree: Aloe Revital Sleeping Pack. 6. HolikaHolika: Smoothie Peeling Creams.

Most of the products listed above do not contain any alcohol or fragrances. The only exceptions being The Saem, Ciracle, The Face Shop and possibly TonyMoly. I recommend checking the ingredient list HERE before you buy products.
If you suffer from extremely sensitive skin I would highly recommend Innisfree's The Minimum Range because all of the product contain absolutely no irritating ingredients and have been designed for your skin type.
Hope this post will help those with sensitive skin to find/try out Korean cosmetics.


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