My Top 5 Korean Brand Skincare Products!

I shall continue on with these lists since I quite enjoy sharing them...This is probably the hardest one to narrow down to five since I've used so many skincare products! These are the ones that I keep going back to or simply can't live without anymore!

1. Etude House Super Collagen Ampoule Essence

I simply can't live without this product...It makes all the difference to my skin...Without this is just doesn't look good! I love how quickly it sinks into my skin and makes it look radiant and youthful!

2. BEYOND Angel Aqua Cream

This moisturiser just works for my skin so well! I like the gel consistency and how it provides moisture and retains it. It is also good for my slightly sensitive skin.

3.Mask Sheets

I simply cannot live without mask sheets anymore!! I'm not usually fussed about the brand but Innisfree's It's real squeeze are probably my favourite! Etude House's mask sheets are also on top of my list!

4. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cleansing Oil

I have used plenty of Innisfree cleansers and I think they all have been really good but this just fits my skin type the best. 

5. The Saem 95% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel

This is a staple for me now! I use it all over my body where it is needed! Makes a great hair mask too and my boyfriend sometimes uses it as an aftershave when his skin is irritated. Great for sunburns too!

This one was definitely the toughest one to narrow down...I hoard skincare products almost more than makeup! What are your top 5 skincare products?

Have a fab day!


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