Korean Cosmetics For Dry Skin

To all people out there with dry skin, I got your backs! Having a combinations skin myself, I now how awful dry skin can be. It looks flaky and feels tight! I suffer from dry skin mostly during the winter and oily skin during summer. I have done research and gathered a list of products that are recommended for dry skin. I have tried out a few of these products and have not been disappointed!

First of all I really want to mention an ingredient that is becoming more popular in skincare. I really recommend trying out anything with hyaluronic acid if you have dry skin. Fear not! Hyaluronic acid will not burn off your skin like acids normally would. Hyaluronic acid has a natural structural component of the skin and has an amazing ability to retain moisture. It  also helps to repair the skin's barrier and protect it from free-radicals. Due to the ability to hold so much moisture, it also has anti - ageing effects. It's gentle and light enough for both oily and sensitive skin types. If you look at the ingredient lists in a lot of the Korean skincare products, quite often you can find hyaluronic acid in them.

1. Cleansers:

Let's start of with cleansing. When it comes to dry skin I recommend steering away  from harsh foam cleansers and cleansers that have exfoliating effects. These can dry out your skin even more. I recommend opting for cleansers with moisturising properties, cleansing oils or cleansing waters. These are gentle on skin and won't strip off all the natural oils off the skin. 

2. Essence/Serum:

I think  most essences or serums are good for dry skin except those that are meant for pore tightening and oil control.

3. Emulsions/Lotions:

4. Creams:

Creams that provide a lot of nutrients and promise to retain the moisture deep in the skin are very good for dry skin. You want something that will keep your skin moisturised through out the day or night.  

5. Scrubs/Exfoliators:

I recommend using more gentle exfoliators that don't irritate the skin too much. It is important for people with dry skin to exoliate in order to get rid off the dead skin cells that are causing the skin to flake and allow the skin cells to regenerate. 

6. Makeup:

Dry skin can be quite flaky sometimes and the worst makeup for that would be something that mattifies the skin. I recommend using makeup that have moisturising properties or promise to make the skin look dewy. One of the essentials for people with dry skin is a facial mist which you can use to moisturise your skin over your makeup!

That's all folks. You can find most of these products in all of the major online K-brand shops like Testerkorea or Cosmetic-Love. I hope this blog post has been helpful. 
Good luck!


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