(Review) HolikaHolika: Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling

Previously I tried out a similar product from TonyMoly. I was impressed how smooth it made my feet but I wasn't impressed about the process. I decided to try this product from HolikaHolika since the summer is coming and I have yet again been neglecting my feet :( I thought that this might be able to get rid of the dryness and calluses that have developed again over the winter months.

WARNING: There are gross pictures of peeling skin in this post! You have been warned!

A simple one-step foot peeling pack to smooth skin and get rid off dead skin cells and coarse skin on feet. It has been formed from 16 kinds of plants that also contains AHA. It also contains shea butter to moisturise the skin. After about 2 weeks your feet will be silky smooth like baby feet.

It packaging contains two sheets of "socks" and two puches of peeling formula for right and left foot. You pour the contents into the socks and tie them so that the liquid won't spill everywhere. You're supposed to wear them for 1h30min to aid the absorption. After that you wash your feet thoroughly with water. 
After 4-7 days you will start to notice the skin peeling off and after about 2 weeks your feet will be completely smooth and healthy. 
It was a weird feeling walking around in my house in these. I would describe it as walking in soaked socks for over an hour. My feet felt quite cold after I washed them and they looked extremely pale!


Day 4: I already started to see the skin peeling off! Which was a nice surprise since the last peeling product I used only started to peel after two weeks. 

Day 5-9: There were constantly a lot of peeling or flaking skin. It finally stopped after about 9 days and the skin underneath all the dead skin was looking really smooth. 

As you can see in the pics below, after using this my heel look so much smoother! Also the deep dry lines on my heel are less prominent. I wasn't expecting this to get rid of them completely but they are definitely less dry and sore after using this. The only thing that I was disappointed by was that it did not get rid off calluses on the ball of my foot.

  • Makes skin smooth 
  • Gets rid off dead/dry skin
  • Quicker process than most foot peels (1-2weeks compared to 2-3 weeks)
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't get rid off calluses
  • Can be messy with all flaking skin

This is definitely better than the TonyMoly foot peel that I previously used. The peeling process was much quicker and the actual skin peeling was much more effective. I was also very impressed with the results and how smooth my skin got after 9 days. This is a great way to undo the damage that the cold winter air and heating has done to my skin. I definitely recommend trying this out for the summer season!

Get it from Testerkorea for 6,200KRW (approx. 5.6USD or 4GBP).


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  1. I got that problem with my feet also. But i let it heal by itself :D