(Review) TONYMOLY: Backstage Gel Eyeliner (Brown) and Easy Touch Gel Eyeliner (Black)

I have finally relocated and managed to settle. I am here to write a review that has been long due! I have been using pencil eyeliners and liquid eyeliners for awhile now and I fancied a change. I was debating whether I should get the TONYMOLY gel liners or Banila Co cushion gel liner. I decided to get the TONYMOLY ones since they were cheaper and I have read some really good reviews on them.



Backstage: "Get a gorgeous line with this smooth, rich formula. Brush applicator makes it perfect for a precise puppy dog eye look or elegant cat eye. Stays the whole day with a water- and sweat-resistant formula."

Easy Touch: The Easy Touch Gel Eyeliner comes in a petite pot that is ideal for both makeup at home and on-the-go. As a waterproof gel based liner, long lasting soft and bold looks are easy to create with its silky smooth texture.

The only major difference in the packaging is that backstage eyeliner comes with a brush and easy touch doesn't. Otherwise they both come in a plastic 24g little pots. The packaging does feel quite cheap but since they are both so cheap I wasn't expecting the packaging to be high quality.
I do like the brush that comes with backstage eyeliner as it is very compact and the brush is soft and makes the application very easy.
The backstage gel eyeliner is very deep brown while easy touch gel eyeliner is not the most pigmented of black. If you're looking for a very pigmented black eyeliner, I wouldn't recommend it as it is just quite subtle black. I had to put two layers on in the pic below to get the colour that you can see in it.

Texture & longevity:
The texture is creamy and glides on very well! They are easy to apply and create that winged eyeliner look. They are easy to smudge before they have been set.
Initially the creamy consistency made me a bit nervous as creamier consistencies don't tend to last very long on my oily eyelids. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no fading or creasing at all during the day! It even lasted in the rain so they are also waterproof! No worries though, they do come off with eye makeup remover.
Left: Backstage. Righ:Easy touch
Smudging with water

I've had these for a while now and a lot of gel eyeliners tend to dry out when they have been open for sometime but I haven't noticed any drying yet with either of these. 

I think the texture and longevity is pretty much the same with both eyeliners as I didn't see any differences. 

Backstage (brown)

Easy touch (black)
  • Longevity
  • Texture
  • Brush (with backstage)
  • Pigmentation (with backstage)
  • Pigmentation (with easy touch)

These are both very similar gel eyeliners and the only difference I could find was in the pigmentation. Backstage gel eyeliner seems to be more pigmented than the Easy touch one but this could just be just because I got them in different colours. I am not entirely sure whether backstage eyeliner in black would be more pigmented than the easy touch but I can definitely say that the brown colour is.
There's a very small price difference between the two and personally I would recommend getting the backstage eyeliner just because I think it's worth paying a bit extra for the brush.
If you are looking for an affordable gel eyeliner that is smudge and waterproof and stays on even on oily eyelids, I definitely recommend these!

You can get them from BeautynetkoreaBackstage for 6.55USD (approx. 6.10EUR or 5.25GBP) and Easy Touch for 5.86USD (approx. 5.50EURor 4.70GBP).

Have a great rest of the week! 


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