(Review) Etude House: Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

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You're probably wondering why you would want to wash your face with baking powder but fear not! Baking soda can actually be good for your skin especially as a scrub. I think that Etude House got their idea for this product after hearing all the cleansing properties of baking soda that has been used to treat acne and whiten teeth lately. I wonder if they did get their names mixed up as I have never heard of baking powder being used to treat any skin/cosmetic problems...

Indeed, when I checked the ingredient list for this cleanser, it has baking soda not baking powder! This annoys me sometimes with Korean products as the translation is not always very good or they translate it completely wrong! False advertisement really...

Anyhow....The cleanser has baking soda in it that acts as a mild scrub at the same time. It claims to remove makeup, deep cleanse pores and be mild and gentle on skin. It also has a dye free formula with 100% natural fragrance. I have to say that I really did raise an eyebrow when I read this wondering whether it could really deliver all this.

The foam cleanser comes in 170ml tube bottle. The consistency is very thick and it smells soapy and slightly salty. You can feel the tiny bits of baking soda in it when you spread it over your skin. I do think it does well when it comes to the deep cleansing effects as my skin feel squeaky clean after a wash and also slightly brighter. I wanted to test how well it washes off makeup and you can see the results in the below pictures.

Starting from the left I have waterproof eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, eyes shadow, concealer and bb cream on my hand. 

After washing with Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam
 As you can see it washed off eye shadow, bb cream and concealer but left residue from liquid eyeliner and the waterproof eyeliner did not budge. It did do almost everything it promises. I don't think it is very mild or gentle on the skin though... I was also slightly disappointed that the waterproof liner did not budge...

Apart from Etude House falsely advertising this as a baking powder cleanser, I think it is a good cleanser. I think it would be very good for normal and oily skin types as it helps to deep cleanse the skin and makes your skin brighter...However, I do think it is a bit drying on the skin. It is also too harsh to be used on my slightly sensitive skin everyday....I think this is a very good cleanser for me to be used during summer when dryness is not a problem for my skin. 

Pros: image

  • Deep cleanses
  • Acts as a mild scrub
  • makes skin brighter


  • too drying
  • won't wash off waterproof makeup at all
  • not good for a sensitive skin
  • False advertisement! (it has baking soda...Not baking powder!)
Overall, it is very good for deep cleansing and making your skin look brighter. It is also a gentle everyday scrub. It can be slightly drying for people with dry or sensitive skin and can be too harsh to be used as an everyday cleanser.  

You can get it from Testerkorea for 5,200KRW (approx. 3GBP or 4.70USD)

There is a whole baking powder range and you can get this product in different version. It comes in a cream, cleansing tissues, scrub and bb cream cleansing foam. There is also a Moist version of this product that provides more moisture to your skin than the regular foam cleanser. 

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