(Review) Etude House: Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base (02 Berry Choux)

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This product was part of the Sweet Recipe collection when it came out in 2013. It was a bakery and pastry inspired line with loads of cute products. I think the lipsticks are still the most popular ones from the Sweet Recipe collection but this primer has been updated recently and also made into a cushion form, so it must be popular! Let me tell you already that this product smells deliciously sweet! But unfortunately, like most primers this has its pros and cons...

It comes in three different colours and each one is for different skin types. The Mint Choux to even out redness, Berry Choux is for pale skin tones and Peach Choux is for darker skin tones. I have troubles with redness but also have a pale skin tone so I decided to try out the Berry Choux. It comes in a tube bottle with 35g of product. Now you can also get them in a cushion form but I prefer a primer in a tube bottle to be honest.

It has SPF 25 PA ++ which is excellent for a primer! The colour is a pale pink as you can see in the picture. The consistency is a bit thick compared to most primers but it spreads easily and is easy to apply. As I mentioned before it has a quite strong sweet scent to it. It smells like sweeties so if you are sensitive to smells I really don't recommend it! 

I think it does an excellent job at covering up pores and to even out the skin tone but it looks too pale on my skin! I thought that this would have been perfect for my already pale skin but unfortunately it made it look even more pale which I really disliked. I also think that it feels heavy on my skin. Out of the three primers that I have used recently this one definitely feels the heaviest. After I apply my BB cream on top of it my face feels a bit sticky and heavy which I really dislike. 
Without primer
With Baby Choux 02 Berry Choux. Sorry don't know why it looks so red but It won't make your skin look more red!

I don't know why my skin look more red in the second pic but it usually doesn't make my face red! After a couple of hours, my BB cream started to slide off from my t-zone which it doesn't do when I wear Skinfood's Black Egg Pore Gel Base. I have to say that the oil control is quite poor with this base. Therefore, I would not recommend it to people with oily skin! I have been suffering from a dry skin ever since winter and this ended up accentuating my skin's dryness even more. So I have to say that it's probably not suitable for dry skin either!

I did a comparison between Etude House's Baby Choux, Skinfood's Black Egg Base and Innisfree No-Sebum Primer and their oil control/how much oil the product contains. I dabbed the same amount of product onto a oil control film and let them sit for an hour. 
Left: Etude House. Centre: Skinfood. Right: Innisfree
As you can see Innisfree had the worst oil control out of the three and Baby Choux had the second worst and Skinfood has the best.

  • Evens out skin tone
  • Covers pores well
  • Makes skin brighter
  • Sweet smell

  • Feels sticky and heavy on skin
  • Poor oil control
  • Makes pale skin look even paler
  • Accentuates dry patches on skin

Overall, the Baby Choux is excellent for brightening the skin and covering pores but unfortunately I don't think it's good for anything else. I cannot speak the same for the other two colours other than for the consistency which feels a bit heavy and sticky on the skin. It doesn't have very good oil control and it can accentuate dry areas. It also made my already pale skin even paler.

You can get the tube bottles from Testerkorea for 10,800KRW (approx. 6.30GBP or 9.80USD) or the Cushion forms for 14,400KRW (approx. 8.50GBP or 13USD).

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