Korean Trends Part 3: Hair Care and Styling

Hello beautiful people!

It's time for another trend post! I have to admit that this topic was quite new to me and had to do a lot of research before I was able to write this. I think that hair care and styling are very personal matters and therefore hard to talk about. I am writing this post to give you a general gist of what is hot in Korea in terms of hair care and styling! I have not dared to try Korean shampoos, conditioners or colourants myself because I think that my hair is so different that they wouldn't possibly work on me...But after writing this post, I think I will have to try them out :D

I will start with shampoos! When I was in Korea I noticed that in most shops they sold the same shampoo brands as in Europe and rest of the world (dove, herbal essence, pantene etc.) but there were some brands that looked more like medicine than shampoo. In Korea it has became very popular to use Chinese medicine themed shampoos and conditioners. The medicines in these shampoos and conditioners are supposed to make your hair stronger and thicker. The top brand for these types of shampoos is Ryeo. They have different types of products for different hair problems.

 I have also noticed that big cosmetic brands like Skinfood and Innisfree have their own lines of shampoos and conditioners...I have been intrigued to try them because they sound so good! A major theme with these sort of shampoos seems to be herbs and fragrances. Making the hair look healthy and luscious and not oily or damaged. 

Hair masks are extremely popular all over Asia and Korea is no exception. There are massive amount of different kind of hair masks that promise all sort of things! I have tried Etude House's Silk Scarf Damage Hair Pack in Avocado seed. Wow...I have to say that it was a bit too much for my fine hair...My hair isn't particularly damaged but it is very fine and lacks volume and this hair pack made it look very soft, sleek and shiny...Sleek is not something I am particularly looking for for my fine hair so that's why I didn't particularly like it but it did make my hair super soft! I have to say that hair packs are fun to try and I am keen on trying something for fine hair in the future. 

Hair dyes are probably even more popular in Korea than in the UK. I have heard that a lot of Koreans like to dye their hair often (correct me if I'm wrong here). Bubble/foaming hair dyes have been extremely popular in Asia for a long time and John Frieda does have one in the shops in the UK but I don't think it became as popular as in Asia, which is a shame. Bubble hair dyes give easier and more even application without a mess which personally I like a lot. I have never tried a Korean brand hair dye because lack of colours. Only more recently they have lighter colours available but I still think they look too yellow/brown...

Another thing I want to mention is styling products. I don' think these are much different to what we use in the West but I do think Koreans like to invest a lot of time styling their hair and I keep seeing a lot of wax hair styling products than anything else (at least that's the impression I've got...) One product that always catches my eye is this:
Strawberry sponge hair rolls! They became very popular when an actress wore them in a K-drama. They are used to create relaxed natural curls and they are a lot cuter than normal hair rollers. 

Hair style trends for 2015 in Korea are more voluminous and curly than in 2014. Fringe is also becoming more popular this year than last year. Trendy hair colours this year are wine and ash brown colours. I keep hearing the colour marsala mentioned in every single Korean trend shows and which now also happens to be a trendy hair colour! Two-toned hair is also still very popular all over the world as well as in Korea! 
Here are some videos about hair styling! Hope you like them :)

I hope you learned something new and will continue to read my trend posts in the future!
Have a lovely day :)


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