Korean Beauty Trends for 2016!

Hello all! Hope you have been enjoying the week so far. I have been seeing a lot of new interesting products lately and also followed a lot of K-beauty vloggers and bloggers to find out more about the Korean beauty trends for 2016! 

1. Sparkling Water Products!

There are quite a lot of carbonated products out there right now and I have been wondering how is sparkling water good for your skin? Well apparently the bubbles in the sparkling water deep clean your pores, tone and firm your skin! There are an endless amount of "sparkling" skincare products out there ranging from mists to masks. Probably one of the most hyped carbonated products is the Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay mask! Below there are two popular sparkling products and a video about the bubble clay mask:
Nature Republic Jeju Sparkling Cleansing Water
Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist

2. Ombré and Shadowing!

Ombré lips have been a big thing in Korea for a while now but it will be taken to a new level with new products this year. The idea with ombré lips is to have a darker colour in the inner areas of the lips that gradually fades into a lighter colour at the edge of the lips. Hair shadowing (which started off in the west) is also becoming more popular in Korea which involves lightly outlining the hairline with an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow to give an illusion of thicker hairline. Below a couple of new products for the ombré lips:
Etude House Balm&Color Tint
Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

3. Skincare Tools!

I think these are becoming more popular in the west as well! There are more affordable skincare tools in the market at the moment and women are starting to realise that they don't have to go to a spa to get all the fancy facials when they can do it at home! All the beauty gurus have an ultrasonic at home which deep cleans the skin and pores. Koreans have their own versions of this and also have introduced LED devices! These machines send wavelengths past the epidermis and deep into skin to not only increase collagen levels, but reduce wrinkles, scars and hyperpigmentation in the process. 
POBLING Pore Sonic Cleanser Premium
Spa Sonic Derma Light

4. Baby Face (Ulzzang) Makeup with a Twist!

If you're not familiar with the baby face look, I really recommend to check it out! In 2016 the baby face makeup is still very much in but with a twist this time! Instead of lining your eyes with a brown or black eyeliner,  you use a vibrant colored eyeliner to make your eyes really pop! Below is a video how to create a Korean Baby face makeup and colorful eyeliner products to use.
Etude House Play 101 Pencil

5. Dewy Skin!

It seems like it's here to stay! Matte skin seems to be way more popular in the West than dewy skin. I think that Koreans see a dewy skin as healthy, glowy, youthful and supple whereas Westerners might think that it looks shiny and oily and are obsessed with the matte look. Personally I like a look that's somewhere between but if I had to choose I would probably go for the dewy skin. My dry skin would look horrendous with completely matte look but everyone's got their preference. There are more dewy foundations and bb creams out there again and I do recommend checking them out! 
BEYOND Angel Aqua Foundation
Etude House Blooming Fit BB Cream

6. Reusing Makeup!

I think this should be popular everywhere! I have come across a lot of tips how you can transform makeup that you don't use anymore into nail polishes, lip tints and many more! Here is an article on Buzzfeed on how you can reuse your makeup and a video on Korean show called Beauty Bible below. The section about reusing makeup starts on 7:30min mark.

7. Pad Exfoliators! 

Exfoliating has been taken to a new level! Instead of having to rub a scrub all over your face, you can grab a pad and swipe it all over your face and rinse the skin. They remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and help to fight against free radicals that that create wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. These are also suitable for sensitive skin.
NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
Ciracle Skin Renewal Home Peeling Pads

That's it folks! I hope you have a good time trying out some of these trends for 2016!


There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion. - Edgar Allan Poe.


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