(Review) Etude House: Play 101 Pencil Makeup (No.46 & 50)

I am finally sharing a post about a product that I have really enjoyed using for two months. I'm  gutted I haven't tried these earlier because so far I am quite impressed.

Variety of pencil colours that can be used for eyes, lips or as a blusher. The pencil type packaging allows a quick and easy application. 
The pencils come in different textures: creamy, matte, glossy, shimmery and glitter. All the colours are pigmented and vivid. They are also waterproof and smudge proof. 

Packaging & Texture:
You get 0.5g of product and the pencils are are automatic type which means that you sharpen the tip of the pencil and twist the end to get more product out. They also come with a sharpener but not with a smudging tool which was a bit disappointing.

The texture depends on the colour that you get:
- Creamy: silky finish, can be used on lips, eyes or cheeks
-Matte: soft application and powdery finish. Can be used as an eye base colour, contouring, concealer and eyebrows.
-Glossy: Moisture texture for lips, blush and wide areas(?)
-Shimmering: Small pearl particles. Can be used as a highlighter or on eyes.
-Glitter: big glitter pearl particles. Use on the inner corner of the eyes to make them pop or as an eyeliner or all over eyelid colour.

Number 46 has a glitter texture and 50 has a creamy texture. They both apply very smoothly and both blend very easily. I am very impressed how easy it is to create a smoky eye makeup with No.50! 
Left: No.50. Right: No.46

46 on eyelid and 50 used as eyeliner
Lasting Power:
Another eyeliner that promises to be waterproof! I've  heard this many times before and rarely they live up to  the promise. I had to  put them to test. 
Rubbing with water

As you can see in the pics above they're both smudge and waterproof and same goes when you wear them. If I get a bit teary outdoors, they wont run down all over my face. They last for a very longtime without creasing at all but eventually due to my greasy eyelids they crease a tiny bit which you can see in the pic below. This is the least ever creasing that I have got from a pencil eyeliner after 8+ hours!

After 8+ hours

Pros:happy leaf
  • Different textures
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Smudge and waterproof 
  • Availability of colours
  • Pigmentation 

Cons:sad leaf
  • Not sweat/oil proof

I wish I would have tried these earlier. :( The colours are very pigmented, they apply on very smoothly and they are smudge and waterproof. The multi-purpose use and the different textures are an excellent idea for these kind of pencils. I have only used these on my eyes so I cannot say much about the other functions like how they work as a lip colour, blush or as an eyebrow colour. I will get more colours eventually and I will add them to this post and review them.

You can get them from Testerkorea for 5,400KRW (4.63USD or 3.30GBP).


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