(Review) Skinfood: Gummy Bear Jelly Hand Gel (Kiwi)

This is my quick review on Skinfood's new hand gel which has been inspired by Gummy Bears! It is short because when it comes to hand creams/gels the products tend to be pretty straight forward.

Description: Hand gel that keeps hands moisturised with kiwi scent! They come in different scents: apple, raspberry, kiwi, pineapple.
There is also a cream type which come in orange and grape. 

Packaging & Texture: As you can see in the pics it is like a big gummy bear! You get 45ml of hand gel. The texture is as it promises:very much like gel. It reminds me of hand sanitizer without the alcohol smell.

Scent & Effectiveness: I thought it would smell more like kiwi or at least sweet like gummy bears but to my disappointment it only has a slight scent of kiwi and otherwise it smells like clear gel. 
It sinks into my skin really fast but it is not very moisturising. It does keep my hands hydrated through out the day though. I think this is very suitable to those who need a bit of hydration to their skin but not deep moisture.

Conclusion: I bought this because I love gummy bears and I thought the packaging was super adorable. The price was also very cheap! I am happy what I got with the price and it is a good basic hand gel. My only disappointment is the scent which isn't sweet or kiwi like enough for me.

Get them from Testerkorea for 5100KRW (4.50USD or 3.15GBP).


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