(Review) BEYOND: Phyto Aqua Cream

It's been too long again! I have so many reviews to write but not enough time to write them these days...I have purchased quite a lot of products from BEYOND lately so...sorry for the repetitiveness when it come to reviewing the brand. I promise next review is going to be on something else!

I keep seeing this word Phyto on a lot of skincare and haircare products and I really didn't know what it meant until I looked it up...Basically the name Phyto refers to Phytotherapy which uses extracts from natural origin that have health-promoting agents. 
I am here to share a product that I started using 3 months ago and I really wanted to share my thoughts on it since there are not many reviews out there.

"As soon as it is applied, this whitening moisture cream creates a moisture barrier which protects skin from the external environment and moisture loss and brightens the skin tone.
This cream spreads without a sticky feeling while maintaining moisture with its rich texture. It is suitable for all skin types."

It comes in a glass jar that is quite heavy (be aware of this if you're ordering online that has shipping fees). It comes in two different sizes: the one in the picture is 55ml jar and it also comes in 110ml jar and the design for that has been designed by Lee Chan-Ho For Endangered Animal Care Collaboration. It comes with a small spatula to dispense the product in order to not spread bacteria into the cream from your hands.

Ingredients & Texture:
It containts Agave extract, which holds moisture and mineral-rich deep sea water that moisturizes and enhances skin elasticity. It's an hypo-allergenic moisture cream that retains moisture for a long time, It also whitening elements that brighten the skin tone but I wasn't able to check which these ingredients are. Unfortunately I can't go into anymore detail about the ingredients since the list is only in Korean...

It has a gel type texture that's not too heavy. It does take a while to sink into my skin though and can feel sticky for at least 5-10min on skin after application. It will sink into skin after this and make it feel really moisturised and supple.
After cleansing

After applying cream

In the above pictures, the left one is just after cleansing my face and the one on the right is after applying the cream on my face. You can clearly see that my face looks smoother and less red.

I have noticed that my skin has that dewy glow that all the Koreans are raving about after I started using this moisturiser. I used to have a lot of redness on my cheekbones because they were so dry but after I started using this the redness has dimished. I also used to have very uneven skin that had a lot of small bumps. These have also diminished significantly. In terms of "whitening" the skin which is a term that is used in a lot of Korean skincare products, it has made my skin tone brighter and less dull.
I do think that it can be a tad too heavy for my oily t-zone. The product does claim to be suitable for all skin types but I could not imagine people with very oily skin using it...


  • Provides deep hydration
  • Creates a barrier that protects from moisture loss
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Natural ingredients
  • Brightens skin tone

  • Can feel sticky when applied
  • Possibly not suitable for all skin types (oily)

Overall, this is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used for my skin. My previous favourite was Angel Aqua Moisture Cream from BEYOND but it got discontinued. I have to say that this is even better at retaining the moisture than Angel Aqua cream and comes with more ingredients that are beneficial for the skin. I am glad that they created this range even though it can be on the mid-range side price wise. It has done so many wonders to my extremely dry skin and it has that healthy glow now that I haven't had in a long time.

Get it from Cosmetic-Love for either the 55ml for 22GBP (approx. 29USD or 33,000KRW) or the 110ml for 35GBP (approx. 46USD or 52,700KRW).


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  1. So glad i found this review. This brand is underrated, i didnt find any other (eng) review about them. They are also cruelty free, so its a plus!