(Review) Etude House: AC Clean Up Gel Lotion & Spot Patch

My review on Innisfree's Jejubija Anti-Trouble lotion has got many many views over the year so I decided to finally write a review on an equivalent product from Etude House. I myself don't have particularly acne prone skin but my significant other does. I bought this product for him to get rid of his cystic acne mainly on his chin and jaw line after tying out endless line of other products ranging from high end to drug store and nothing helped to clear it out! Etude Houde recently updated their AC Clinic line and what I have gathered they have mainly just updated the packaging and the name but not the ingredients or formulas. 

AC Clean Up Gel Lotion:

Description & Ingredients: 
"The gel lotion applies smoothly on skin, leaving skin feeling moisturized and refreshed. Gel type moisturizer with reduces oily and heavy feeling"

It contains ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin with breakouts. It contains salicylic acid that soothes inflamed skin and reduces oils. Natural Tea Tree oil provides soothing and cantella extract helps to heal scars. It also contains extracts from aloe, chamomile, lavender and papaya fruit. It does contain fragrance so if your skin is sensitive to fragrances I would consider this before buying it.

Packaging & Texture:
The old packaging used to be very heavy bottle made out of glass. The new packaging is made out of plastic and a lot lighter. I also think that it is easier to get the product out of the bottle with the new packaging. The new packaging is weighs 240g and contains 200ml of product. The old one contained the same and it has lasted on my boyfriend for a good 4 months and he has been using it twice a day. 

Left: Old Right: New
As you can see the texture is exactly the same as with the old one. The colour and the smell as well have not changed at all. The texture is gel like as described and it absorbs fairly quickly to skin. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling to skin. It feels really refreshing due to the tea tree oils. 

Unfortunately I do not have a before and after pics for my boyfriend's change in his cystic acne skin but I think everyone who have seen him during the past 4 months have noticed a massive difference with his skin. It has cleared out almost completely and he only gets a few small spots from time to time. 
I use this when I get a hormonal breakout. My skin is usually too sensitive for really harsh acne products and gets inflamed easily. The picture below does not give justice how bad the breakout actually was this time. I started applying this to my jaw line and within 3 days it was clearing out completely. 

Inflamed breakout

After 3 days of using AC Clean Up

Pros:happy white cloud
  • Effective clearing out acne
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Soothes skin
  • Fast acting
  • Affordable

Cons:cry white cloud
  • Perhaps not strong enough for people with really bad acne skin

After trying out so many product for my boyfriend's skin I was pleasantly surprised how well this has worked for his acne prone skin. His cystic acne has completely cleared out and he only get an occasional spot now. He doesn't like to use too many products for this skin so he is very happy to have found one product that is so effective for his skin. It is very affordable and great for people with sensitive acne skin. It clear out my hormonal breakouts within days. I highly recommend trying out this product! I am looking into getting some of the other products from this line.

AC Clean Up Spot Patch:

We were previously using the pink powder spot but I sometimes forgot to wash the pink stuff off in the morning and looked pretty funny...I wanted to get something even more lazy for spot treatment and these sounded interesting. You pick the patch depending on how big your spot is, you slap it on (preferably before going to bed) and then you peel it off in the morning. So pretty straightforward. Below I have a before and after pics. Sorry the light is very different in the pics.

The pimple did reduce in size and the redness was also diminished so these do a pretty good job. I have to say that the pink powder does a better job at clearing up spots overnight. Etude House has also updated that product as well. These are good if you have minor pimples and if you're as lazy as me in the morning xD

Get Ac Clean Up Gel from Cosmetic-Love for 12GBP (16USD or 18,400KRW) and the AC Clean Spot Patch for 2.60GBP (3.30USD or 3,800KRW)


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  1. Great review! Where in your skincare routine would you say the gel lotion is best implemented?