(Review) BEYOND: Angel Aqua Moisture Foundation 02 SPF 20 PA ++

Believe it or not but this is my first Korean brand foundation that I have ever used! I have been so drawn into using Korean bb creams that I find better than Western brand ones. I always thought that Korean foundations wouldn't be as good. I got this from my sister awhile ago and it has taken me a long time to review it due to the fact that the colour was too dark for my skin but now that I am tanned after my holiday it's slightly better match to my skin.

Description & Ingredients: "This eco moisture foundation contains Angel Aqua Essential Serum and should be shaken before use. A moisture-based gloss is thinly and tightly fit for a cover-up effect. This foundation works well on sensitive skin, while snake gourds, birch, bamboo sap keeps skin moisturized and vitalized. Angel Aqua Foundation leaves skin moisturized on the inside and silky outside."

I was slightly taken back by the snake gourd but only because I didn't know what it is. Snake gourd is a vegetable that has many health benefits when eaten but I didn't find how it is beneficial for the skin...Bamboo sap on the other hand, provides deep hydration to skin and makes skin smoother by aiding cell generation. 


It comes in a handy 30ml pump bottle that is made out of glass. One pump is usually enough for me for one application.

Texture & Coverage:
The texture is very light, it's more on the watery side rather than goopy. It spread very easily and does not look too heavy on skin. It doesn't feel heavy but maybe a bit sticky because it is quite hydrating. The coverage is light to medium with a sheer finish. It definitely isn't matte but it is not too dewy either. I like that it doesn't have that "brightening effect" that some of the bb creams have which can make your skin look too pale. As you can see the coverage isn't the best...

It is a very good foundation to those with dry skin as it provides that hydrated look to your skin and would not accentuate any dry areas. I wouldn't recommend this to people with oily skin! My combination skin does get very oily around the t-zone when I use this foundation and it doesn't cover my imperfections well...

Colour & Longevity:
As you can see in the pic, the colour is slightly too dark for my skin tone (I am NC15 on MAC's colour scale). This colour would be too dark for me during winter but now that I have a bit of a tan it actually matches my skin tone a bit better. I would recommend getting the lighter shade (01) if you are between NC15-NC20 on MAC and the darker shade (02) if you are between NC25-NC30 on MAC. 

The longevity is very poor on my skin! The above pic was taken just 4h after applying! It is just too hydrating for my combination skin so it just ended up melting off. It lasts for about 6h with a good primer.

Pros:moving crazy rabbit
  • Hydrating
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't accentuate dry areas
  • Looks natural on skin
Cons:boohoo crazy rabbit
  • Colour availability
  • Longevity
  • Coverage 

This is a good foundation to people with dry skin. It won't accentuate dry areas on face and provides hydration. I wouldn't recommend it to people with combination or oily skin who need better coverage and lasting power. The colour availability is still quite limited with BEYOND's products so it might be tough to find a shade that suits but I can definitely say that this one is too dark for paler skin. 

Get it from Gmarket for 11,400KRW (approx. 10USD or 7.6GBP)


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  1. Where can i order it online?

    1. From Gmarket but is seems like they are currently out of stock I'm afraid :/