(Review) BEYOND: Angel Aqua Moisture Makeup Base SPF 30 PA++ ( 02 Peach)

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This is my second product review from a brand called BEYOND! And I'm trying my best to get people notice this brand more and try out their products :D In case you're not familiar with this brand it is a fairly new brand that is against animal-testing, uses minimal amount of chemicals and is eco-friendly! It is not the cheapest Korean brand but the fact that they stand for so many good things, in my opinion is worth paying a bit more. I was very sad when I couldn't find reviews of their products in English at all! Hopefully my thoughts/opinion will help some people and will hopefully get people more excited about this brand!

The product promises to provide moisture to skin while brightening and softening and smooths skin texture.
The packaging is very similar to Etude House's Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base. It comes in a 35ml tube bottle. There are in total of three different shades for this base: 01 Mint which is meant to tone down redness of the skin, 02 Peach which brightens the skin tone and 03 Purple which normalizes sallow skin tones. I am reviewing the number 02 Peach.

Again the consistency is a bit similar to Etude House's Baby Choux but it is not as thick. It is more light and watery. The scent is hard to describe but to me it is a bit sweet (to my bf it smelled like raisins). It can be a bit overpowering when I first spread it on my face but it won't last for long.

It goes on smoothly and spreads very easily due to the texture. I would say it has the perfect consistency for a makeup base. I like how light it feel on my skin and how well it evens out my skin tone. It feel like it creates a layer on to my skin that foundation or bb cream stick on to very well without making your skin feel sticky.

Initially I thought that it was going to be too moisturising for me as I have an oily t-zone but I was very pleased to find out that the staying power is impressive. It actually makes my bb cream stay on longer on my t-zone that usually gets oily after about 4 hours. I've noticed that I don't have to blot my face until about 5-6h. 

As you can see in the above pics the only downside with this makeup base though is that it's not very good at covering large pores. It does an okay job but unfortunately for me who has exceptionally large pores it doesn't too good enough job. It covers less prominent pores really well though...And as you can see evens out my skin tone really well. 

I put the lasting power of this makeup base to test and I compared with Skinfood's Black Egg Pore Gel base that has been my favourite for a long time and I was pleased to see that the oil control is as good as with Skinfood. I dabbed the same amount of product onto an oil control sheet and let them sit for an hour.

Left: BEYOND Angel Aqua. Right: Skinfood Black Egg

I was extremely worried about getting the peach coloured one because I thought it was going to make my skin look extremely pale but I was happily surprised to see that it only made my skin look brighter and more even. I think this would work with all skin types during the winter if it is cold in your country as it will provide that tiny bit of extra moisture to your skin and help makeup apply smoother. I do think it might be too moisturising for oily skin types during other seasons of the year. Highly recommend it to people with dry skin because it really does not accentuate dry areas.

Pros: image

  • Provides moisture to skin
  • Makes makeup last for a long time
  • Evens out skin tone 
  • Doesn't make face look ghostly pale
  • Doesn't accentuate dry areas
  • Helps makeup apply more smoothly
Cons: image
  • Not very good at covering large pores
  • Sweet smell can be overpowering
  • Can be too moisturising at times

Overall, this was the first BEYOND product that I have tried and I have to say I am well impressed. I think it is my new favourite makeup base for now since it really does help my bb cream apply smoother and stay on for longer than usual. It is also great for winter since my skin is getting dryer. The only bad thing for me is that it doesn't cover my large pores well enough and it can sometimes be a bit too moisturising. Even so it is a pretty good makeup base in my opinion.

You can get it from Testerkorea for 13,000KRW (approx. 7GBP or 11USD) 

Hope you're gonna try out some of the BEYOND products and share your views on them as we need more reviews on these products! :D

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