(Review) TonyMoly: Changing U Magic Foot Peeling Shoes


I'm sure most of you have seen pictures of similar products on the internet already. Foot peeling shoes seem to be very popular especially in Japan and now Korean brands have started to make their own versions of it. It case you don't know what foot peeling shoes are and you are not grossed out by peeling skin...Then keep on reading!

I decided to try out the TonyMoly one because I didn't have many expectations of this product and it was very cheap. The way it works is that the package contains two "shoes" that have been filled with formula that will help to regenerate the skin on your feet and make the skin "fall off" quicker.

The formula contains AHA extracts from apples, lemons, and grapes which gently remove calluses and dry skin. It also contains rose hip oil and aloe vera which moisturises and soothes the skin. Spring water which is the active ingredient helps tired feet to relax. 

The directions tell you to put on the "shoes" and use two sticker provided to keep them on tight. You're supposed to have them on for 1-1.5 hours and take them off and wash your feet completely so that no residue of the formula is left behind. After 4-6 days after the application day you will start to see your skin peeling off from your feet and after about two weeks later you will have smooth and silky feet.

Application day:
The smell of the product is quite strong and not very pleasant. The stickers that come with the product are not very good at staying in place so I had to put some extra tape for the shoes to stay on. After about 30min it starts to feel like you have wet feet which is very unpleasant. After an hour I really wanted to take them off but I kept them on for 15min more and washed my feet. My feet felt really cold after this. Even when I put socks on they were very cold.

Day 1 to 4: On day 1 my feet were feeling slightly odd as if something was going on with the skin. On days 2-4 there was no difference with my feet.

Day 5: Finally I started to see some peeling but mainly with my toes and it was only minor.

Day 6: A bit more peeling but nothing drastic.

Day 7. My heels started to look really dry and the skin looked really flaky. Still only minor peeling going on with toes.

Day 8. Instead of the skin peeling off from my heels it flakes off in the shower when I was rubbing the skin. I applied some moisturiser as I thought that maybe my skin was just so dry that the skin would not peel off.

Days 9-13. Minor peeling and flaking. On day 10 there was a one bigger chunk of skin peeling off but it was the only one.
Day 9
Day 14. It has been now exactly two weeks since the peeling process started and my skin is still flaking off and looks a bit dry. I'm starting to think that my skin is either too thick or dry that the process just takes more time for me...

Day. 16. The flaking has finally stopped and my feet look and feel so smooth and soft!
You can see the difference with my feet in the pics below. 

Day 1
Day 16

Pros: image

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Gets rid off dry skin and some calluses
  • Makes feet feel soft and smooth
  • Takes only two weeks to see a massive difference with your skin

Cons: image
  • Can be messy due to skin flaking off
  • Feet will look very unattractive during the two weeks
  • Isn't really effective in removing very dry skin and calluses
Conclusions: I've always suffered from extremely dry heels to the point where they are cracking. I've also got calluses due to wearing high heels. This product made a massive difference to my feet that no cream has never done before! Sure it's a long process and your feet will definitely not look good during the two weeks (or in my case longer) but the results are definitely worth it in my opinion! This one is very good for people with only minor dryness on their feet. I will definitely be repurchasing feet peeling stuff in the future! I do think that I might need something slightly stronger than what TonyMoly has to offer...

You can get it from Testerkorea 3230KRW (approx. 1.80 GBP or 2.70USD)

Have a good day!


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