(Review) Etude House: Skin Mal:gem Deep Moist

Happy Saturday everyone!

I have to say that Etude House is possibly the cutest brand out there! =^.^= Every time I shop for Korean stuff I find myself buying something from Etude House. 

Skin Mal:gem has been out there for quite some time now and it is endorsed by SHINee! I think that was a big part of why I wanted to try it out :P They have different types of products for different skin types which I think is very handy. I have tried both the Moist one and Deep Moist and have been impressed with both. I wanted to make this review about Deep Moist since it is the most recent one I have bought (though I have gone through two bottles of the moist one). 

The word Malgeum in Korean means cleanness, clarity and pureness. The product are hypoallergenic and promote clean, clear complexion with moisturising and pore cleansing formulas. All of the products are free from 5 chemicals: Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil and Animal materials. Etude House is owned by Amore Pacific that stopped testing on animals in 2008 in Korea (it is very likely that they are still testing on animals in China). They are currently trying to expand their non-testing animal policy to their suppliers!

The product comes in a 250ml bottle that lasts for a long time! The consistency is a bit runny and the texture is milky and definitely thicker than the moist one and a little goes a long way! The deep moist contains a high amount of nutrients and moisturises the skin with soybean extract. 
You apply this product onto your hand and dab it onto your face unlike with a cotton pad like with some of the other products. A lot of Etude House products have a slight soapy scent to them and this is no exception (it is not overpowering though). There are no harsh amount of ingredients that would cause irritation to your skin (hence the hypoallergenic but I had to check). 

It feels very hydrating when applied and it is easy to spread. I usually apply it after I have applied my facial oil/essence. I have to say that it does take sometime to absorb but I do not mind. My skin feels very soft after I have applied this and my makeup goes on more smooth as well. This product is recommended for those with dry/sensitive skin so I think it would be too moisturising for those with oily skin and I would opt for Fresh or Smoother products instead. 

I am very impressed with this product and I will give it 4 hearts because it does hydrate my skin very well but it does take time to absorb and this alone would not be enough to moisturise my skin completely. 

I do recommend trying out any of the Skin Mal:gem line products. I have tried the Moist one too and I am impressed with it as well. So go on and try the one that suits your skin type the best!
They are on sale at Testerkorea for 9,600KRW (approx. £6 or $9).

I would purchase this again as I have purchased the Moist one two times now. This is definitely a staple for the cold winter months :)

Hope you enjoyed this review. Have a lovely weekend!


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