(Review) Missha: The Style Perfect Concealer (01 Light Beige)

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Before I got Missha The Style Perfect Concealer, I spent a fair amount of time reading positive reviews about it. I noticed that some people also said that it was almost as good some of the MAC concealers which made me very interested since my favourite concealer at the moment is MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. I will be talking about the packaging, colour, consistency and lasting power in this post.

The Style Perfect Concealer claims to be a cream type concealer that has a light coverage and contains light control powder for a natural bright look. Missha doesn't mention anything about lasting power so I am assuming it varies depending on the skin type. The concealer comes in a small round jar (14g) without an applicator. It is easy to control the amount of product you use but at the same time it is quite unhygienic. 

The concealer has very thick and tacky consistency that takes quite a bit of blending. It spreads well when it's slightly warmed up and has a very powdery finish. Personally I prefer more fluid concealers but if you prefer thicker consistency with a powdery finish, this one is definitely the way to go.

There are two colours you can choose from Light Beige and Natural Beige. In the picture I have Light Beige which is slightly too dark for my skin but when I use it for my under eyes it doesn't look too dark. It would be a very good colour for warmer undertones. I mainly use this for my under eyes as I find it too drying for the imperfections on my face and makes them very noticeable as it is slightly too dark for my skin. It works perfectly as an under eye concealer as it does not accentuate the fine lines or isn't too drying. 

No concealer
Missha Perfect Concealer

I wanted to see how it looks on my dark circles and as you can see in the pictures above it does a pretty good job at covering the dark circles and does not look too dark on my skin. It tones down the purple shades quite well. I also wanted to see how it compares to my favourite concealer MAC Pro Longwear concealer and I swatched brown eyeliner on my hand and tried to cover it up with both concealers. 

Left: MAC. Right: Missha
I would definitely say that MAC has a better coverage and it matches my skin tone a lot better. The coverage with Missha isn't bad though given the price difference!(MAC; £17. Missha: £2) 
I would say that the lasting power is quite impressive but only in the under eye area where it lasts for a good couple of hours. When I used it to cover spots and scars on my face it started to fade rather quickly and would melt off by the time my face got a bit oily. 

Overall, the coverage and the lasting power are quite good given the price! The lack of colours and the fact that the lightest colour doesn't match my skin tone are negatives. It is also slightly drying when applied to spots and doesn't last when face gets a bit oily. I think that the colours suit people with warmer skin tones. If you are looking for a cheap concealer that has a thick consistency with a powdery finish and covers and lasts fairly well it is a good one to try out! 
I will give it 3 hearts as it is not quite as good as MAC Pro Longwear concealer but given the price it delivers very well! 


You can get it from TesterKorea for 3,300KRW (approx, 2GBP or 3USD). 

Hope you enjoyed this review :)


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