Where to buy Korean cosmetics online?


I wish that every time I wanted to buy Korean cosmetics I could just get them from shops nearby...But unfortunately I don't live in Korea so I have to resort to buying them online. If you live in Korea then this post is not really relevant to you...You lucky person! :D I’ve only been to Korea once and it was one of the most amazing trips ever!!…Oh and the amount of free samples you get from the shops was ridiculous!
Myeongdong shops

I know that they have Korean cosmetic stores outside Korea but mainly in Asia. I found The Face Shop from Abu Dhabi during my holiday a couple of months ago and boy let me tell you the products were pricey! I bought 4 mask sheets and I paid £7 O_O When you buy them online you often get a deal of 3pcs for £3-4 or each mask sheet is about £0.5-1. The prices might have just been unusually high in Abu Dhabi but I have heard that the prices are a bit higher in other Asian countries and especially in America (correct me if I'm wrong here!). 

Anyway…I have been buying Korean cosmetics online for 4 years now and I have bought them from plenty of different places. It seems that there are a lot more places to buy them now than there were a couple of years ago. You can definitely see that the popularity is rising! When I first started buying I got everything from ebay. There were two shops on ebay that I used to buy consistently from and they were: RubyRuby and F2plus1
They both have free standard shipping and fairly cheap prices. You also get a couple of samples from both sellers though I did find that I only received samples with my first two purchases from Rubyruby. They both are extremely quick when it came to shipping. I think that almost always my products were shipped within the next day or two and I always used standard shipping. Since I live in the UK it usually does take a week and a half or two weeks in total for the parcel to arrive from the day of the purchase. With ebay the best way to pay is by Paypal which is very easy to use these days (if you’re not aware how to use Paypal I suggest you check out their site since it is very easy to understand).

Etude House Shop

I switched to using Cosmetic-love for a long time because I found that they had an excellent reward system and also free shipping. The prices are in USD so a currency converter does come in handy if you’re not from the US. They also had very fast shipping and I always received free samples. The easiest way to pay again is Paypal.

I am always trying to find the best deals out there and so I ended up finding even better sites with cheaper prices. The more recent places that I have got my Korean cosmetic fix are RoseRoseshop  (which also has the ebay store that I mentioned Rubyruby) Beautynetkorea (which also has the shop f2plus1 on ebay) and Testerkorea. Beautynet has free shipping whereas Testerkorea and Roseroseshop have shipping fee.

I always do a comparisons between these sites when I want to buy a lot of stuff and I always end up finding that Testerkorea has most of the products that I want to buy and often a bit cheaper depending on the weight. Testerkorea recently changed their shipping fees a bit and now small packets are priced according to the area and between 100g and 1800g.  Usually if I want to buy many heavy things, it is better to get them from Beautynet because I end up saving with the shipping fee. Roseroseshop has a free shipping on some of their products but not all of them. They do not state very clearly how much the shipping comes down to until you have products in your shopping cart.

Haul from Testerkorea

I would say that Testerkorea takes the longest to ship their products and usually I have to wait for around 3-4 days after they have received my payment. Roseroseshop states that they ship within 3 business days after receiving the payment (and they do) and with Beautynet I find that they ship their products within 1-3 business days as well. I really don’t have anything to complain with the shipping speed as I find them all to be pretty fast (it’s just the post office that takes time to deliver them). You also get plenty of samples from all of these shops which is a huge plus :) These shops also have different types of payment methods but again I find Paypal to be the easiest.

Samples from Beautynetkorea

Obviously there are plenty of other shops out there like Koreadepart and Gmarket but for me the above mentioned stores are the best and easiest once to shop at. Some other shops might be better for you depending on your location like for example Gmarker has much lower shipping fees for Asian countries than other countries etc. Should check the shipping fees from each site to your own country! I live in the UK so it might be very different to other countries.

Thank goodness for Korean cosmetics becoming more popular and even easier to get. I know I could just got to my local Superdrug or Boots to get tons of similar stuff but to me they're not the same. There is just something so special about Korean cosmetics that I wonder whether I am addicted :D 
Obviously I use other cosmetics as well but Korean ones are extra special to me :) Plus they are often a lot cheaper and sometimes work better as well!

If you have any questions about shopping for Korean cosmetics or would like to share your Korean cosmetic shopping experiences, let me know :)


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