(Review) Etude House: Fresh Cherry Tints (Cherry Red and Cherry Pink)

Happy Mayday's Eve to all of you who celebrate it!

I really wonder who designs all these products for Etude House because they are just too cute!
I have received these tints many time as samples and I just couldn't resist getting the full sized products. They come in variety of colours and recently they added two more! I am basing this review on two of the colours which are: Cherry Red (RD301) and Cherry Pink (PK001).

I have tons of lipsticks, lip-glosses and lip tints in my make up stash and unfortunately I don't use them as often as I would like to. I am pretty lazy when it comes to wearing lip colours because I hate having to reapply them every hour or so (I know some people don't mind this). It seems to me that not many lip colours actually last on me that long :( But I have to say that these products have got me into wearing lip colours more often.

One thing to say is that the packaging is not very durable and I cracked the applicator lid on the red one quite quickly. The packaging otherwise is a basic plastic lip gloss container (25g).It contains 9g of product which, is a fair amount and a little goes a long way! They both smell like very sweet cherries which I think makes them even better! The texture isn't too sticky and they are fairly light but maybe a bit too transparent.

I was very impressed with the pigmentation with the Cherry Red colour but the Pink one was just okay. As you can see in the pic on the left side, Red does look more pigmented than the Pink. I find that with the Red I only need to apply a tiny bit of colour in order to get good colour pay off ,whereas with Pink I have to apply it a couple of times. 
I rubbed the colours quite hard as you can see in the pic on the right but you can clearly see that both of the colours are still fairly visible. I also washed my hand and they did not come off with just water so I had to use soap to get them completely off! Very impressive, I would say.

When I wear them on my lips I think that the Red stays on for 2h+ and the Pink slightly less but it could be due to the fact that it is less visible/pigmented. They are slightly drying on the lips but nowhere near as much as other lip tints I have tried! They stay on even after drinking and eating.

Given the price I would say that these are excellent lip tints and I will give them 4 hearts because the last for a very long time, aren't too drying and the Red one is very pigmented. Taking out a heart because the packaging is not very durable and some of the colours might not be as pigmented as could be expected.


You can get them on Testerkorea for 4,800KRW (approx. £3 or $4.5).
There are also Sweet Cherry tints available now that I have not had a chance to try out yet but will do in the future. The difference is the texture and these are supposed to me even more hydrating :) You can also get these on Testerkorea! 

Have a fab day and Happy Mayday once again! :)


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  1. Hi! Is Etude House cruelty free? Everything I read about them is very confusing. It says in one place that it does not test on animals and in another it's in the not-cruelty-free list.What does it mean if they say they sell to China. Does it mean their company tests on animals now? Please help!

    1. Etude house is not cruelty free, but Korean beauty will stop testing on animals by 2018.