(Review) Mizon: All in One Snail Repair Cream


I think the thought of putting snail slime on your face probably makes some people cringe but apparently it can do wonders to your skin! Mucin that is extracted from snail slime is being used in Korean cosmetics nowadays O_o. I was quite skeptical about this and was not convinced to buy any snail products until I read the raving reviews for Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream. To be honest, I would much rather put snail slime on my face than placenta (which is also used in some cosmetics but not as commonly).

It has been found that snail slime that is extracted from common garden snail species is rich in protein and hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. When applied to human skin it supposedly regenerates skin tone, smooths skin texture and minimises the damage made by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin ageing. I got a bit skeptical about this product because every time I see a new discovery that a new ingredient is supposed to do all this to your skin I would like to see some statistics or proof (the nerdy Master's student I am -_-).

I found a study where they tested females age of 35 to 65 with facial photodamage for 12 weeks. They divided people into two experimental groups where the first group used emulsion and lotion that contained snail secretion filtrate and the other group received placebo. They found a significant reduction in fine lines and deep wrinkles. Dryness and roughness was notably reduced by day 90 as well. I am well impressed even if I only found one study, I have to admit that the results are promising.

The packaging is very heavy glass jar (235ml) that does not come with a spatula. I know most people would prefer not to stick their fingers into the product but I am not fussed about it. The consistency is very thick and sticky as you can see from the picture above. There is a slight scent to it but it is hard to describe it. 
I checked the ingredients on this product and found that it has alcohol and carbomer which can act as irritants and are used as emulsifiers. I also found an ingredient that is perhaps not too safe to use on skin which is Thriethanol amine and it is used as pH adjuster (this information is for those with very sensitive skin).

When I apply it to my face I can instantly feel tightening effect on my skin but it does not feel too hydrating. Just to clarify I am 23 years old and so far don't have any wrinkles but everyone has fine lines and I was hoping to use this product to make them less noticeable. I have to say that I did see a difference with my fine lines after a few applications but at the same time my face dried up completely! The product has such strong tightening effect that my dry skin could not handle it and became like a sand paper. My skin is also very thin due to my Scandinavian heritage so I think that is a big reason why my skin gets dry so easily. 

Sad to say this product did not work with my skin at all. I can imagine that maybe when I get older and start to have deeper lines on my face I could possible give this a try again. I would not recommend it to people with dry skin and people who are still young and wrinkles are not a problem. It has been said to work well with acne prone skin since it can heal scars and treat pimples but perhaps it is not as effective with normal and dry skin types. 

I was hoping to see the amazing effect of snail slime that so many have experienced but unfortunately it wasn't for me. Though, I do wonder whether the dryness would have resolved, like in the study that I mentioned if I would have kept using it...


I will give this product 3 hearts because it is brilliant for tightening skin, treating fine lines and wrinkles but it did not have enough of hydrating effect to treat my dry skin at the same time. I would not purchase it again in the near future. 

It is on sale at Testerkorea for 14.500won at the moment (approx. £9 or $13).

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