Korean Trends Part 2: Skincare

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It has been awhile since I posted my first part of the Korean trends posts so now it's time to talk about skincare (which obviously is very relevant to my blog). I am sure if you listen to K-pop or watched Korean tv shows you have seen people with amazing skin! There are loads and loads of tips and tricks on how to achieve "perfect" Korean skin on the internet. Song Ji Hyo has a perfect example for a beautiful skin. Even in her pictures that have not been airbrushed, her skin looks flawless!

Where should I start....Well first of all a lot of Koreans use a lot of different skin care products and have a multi-step skincare regime. I found a few articles that list 10-step Korean skincare routines! I think to some extent it is true but I don't think that Koreans do follow a 10-step routine every single day (this is my observation but I am sure there are people who do follow it every single day!) I am going to list some things that I have heard often being talked about in Korean tv shows and people use most of the time.

Cleansing is a very essential part of skin care routine. Koreans are try to be very gentle when it comes to cleansing their face but I have heard a few times that some celebrities double cleanse their face as well. You should also spent a long time massaging your face whilst cleansing because this increases circulation and brightens your skin tone apparently. 
Exfoliating is an occasional part of the routine. Exfoliating with a scrub made of natural ingredients washes off dead skin cells and makes your skin soft and smooth. This is not done everyday as exfoliating your face too often can cause more damage than good.
Toner seems to be a staple for most Koreans. Using toner after cleansing helps to get rid off any residue from cleansers and restores skins pH balance. It also soothes and preps your skin for essence. Most Korean toners are hydrating and less harsh for skin than some of the Western brand toners. 
Essence is probably the most important part of the routine for Koreans. It provides extra hydration to your skin. Essences are often like water in texture and soak into your skin instantly. They affect the skin on a cellular level and makes your skin smoother and brighter. (Ampoules are super-concentrated version of essence and often have anti-aging properties. These are becoming more popular).
Eye-cream's are often used even among young people. This also have anti-aging properties and provide moisture to the delicate eye area. 
The last step is a moisturizer which can vary depending on whether it is day or night. If you haven't noticed Korean skin care is all about layering. The moisturizer provides the last step of hydration to your skin day or night and making it to look dewy as Koreans like to call it.

One more occasional step to Korean skin care regime are facial masks. There are tons of different types of masks out there but my personal favourite is gotta be mask sheets. I am so sad that these have not become available in the UK yet because I always end up running out...I use masks sheets about twice a week after cleansing and exfoliating. Every K-brand have their own mask sheets and I have tried out a lot of them. Personally my favourite ones are from Innisfree, Etude House and TonyMoly. 
Clay masks, mask packs, lip masks, eye masks and sleeping packs are also very popular and there are plenty of different types out there! Here is a great video about all the types of masks that Korea has to offer:

Using products with anti-aging properties is also a big part of the Korean skincare regime. It seems that a lot of Koreans start using anti-aging products when they're still relatively young and I think this is a big reason why a lot of Koreans look very young and have a very youthful looking skin. I am using a night time moisturizer that has anti-aging properties and I love how firm and youthful it makes my skin look! My motto for skincare is "Prevention is the key" so  I guess I should start using eye-creams as well.

Even though the skin care routine can seem a bit exhaustive I do think it is worth it. It might seem like if you want to follow a similar routine you'll have to use a lot of money but lucky for you Korean cosmetics are very affordable! I have been following a similar routine for 5 years and my skin has obviously has its ups and downs but I do think that my skin is brighter, healthier and firmer than when I was only using Western cosmetic skincare products. I am 23 years old and constantly get told that I look a lot younger. Especially when I travel people sometimes think I'm 18 or 19 O_o I'd like to think that that's because of my skincare routine but probably my genes as well :)

If you wanna watch more about Korean skincare trends etc. here is a great episode from Beauty Bible:

Hope you liked this post and perhaps learned something new :)
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