(Review) Skinfood: Black Egg Pore Gel Base

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It's time to talk about primers...I have to say, one of the hardest things to find is a very good primer :/ I have used quite a lot of primers and have only found them to work okay or be a complete disaster! Today I will be talking about one of the most popular primers within K-brands and it is Skinfood's Black Egg Pore Base!
Now you're probably thinking...Why would I want to use make up with eggs in it? But don't worry it has egg and rice extracts and does not contain actual eggs! 

The primer claims to help to prepare the skin for makeup by minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. It has an apricot colour to smooth and brighten dull skin tones. It ensures that sebum is controlled and pore imperfections are flawlessly covered so that the skin will have a velvety finish and will look natural prior to makeup application. You use it after your normal skin care regime and before applying your foundation. 

It comes in a 25g squeeze tube bottle and it is easy to control how much product comes out plus it is very hygienic. It has a quite strong scent to it which to me personally smells like soap. If you are sensitive to smells, it might be too strong for you. There are no parabens or other harmful chemicals in this product!

The consistency is somewhere between runny and thick. The colour is apricot as said in the description but once spread it will match your skin tone. It spreads easily due to the consistency but I find it sometimes accentuating dry patches on my face. 
It does a great job at covering pores as you can see in the pictures below (sorry if it looks disgusting as it is a close up shot of pores on my cheek :( ). It evens out the skin tone and covers redness really well. It definitely evens out the skin tone and makes it look brighter. I do think that it has quite good oil control as my t-zone starts to get a little oily usually after a few hours but this seems to control it well. I think that even for very oily skin types, this would be able to control the oils very well!

Without primer
With Black Egg Pore Gel Base

Overall, I have been using this for almost a year now and I am currently going through my second tube! It does well what it promises and that's why I like it. I would recommend it to people, who are looking for a primer that covers pores and has a good lasting power. I do think the oil control is quite impressive as well...Personally, I would give it 4½ hearts as it is one of the best primers I have used so far and it covers pores and evens out the skin tone very well but it can be a tad too drying for my skin sometimes.


You can get it at Testerkorea for 5,600KRW (approx, 3.4GBP or 5.20USD)

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