(Review) Etude House: Proof 10 Auto Pencil (Black BK801 and Ash Brown BR402)

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Yet another Etude House product...About a year ago I got tired of using gel eyeliners that kept smudging on my eyelids and decided to try out pencil liners. Proof 10 Auto Pencils seemed very promising when I read the description. At the time when I first purchased them (a year ago) there weren't that many reviews but decided to try them out anyway. I have gone through one pencil already for both colours and repurchased both!

The eyeliners claim to be water proof, long lasting, easy to apply, have smoky colour and contain a sharpener. They come in a pencil type applicator that you can twist in order to get more product instead of sharpening it, though they do come with a sharpener! I prefer these types of eyeliners that you can just twist rather than having to sharpen the tip in order to get more product. I think it's an unnecessary hassle and a bit messy.

Left: Black. Right:Ash Brown

Rubbing with water
The texture is a bit dry with the black colour and does not apply smoothly. The brown seems to have a more smooth texture. They are both very pigmented so the colour does stand out but the texture isn't very soft with the black one. I find myself tucking my eyelid quite a lot if I wand to wing out my eyeliner when using the black. I have also tried to warm up the eyeliner a bit before use and it did not help.
That being said, I think the lasting power is pretty good. I have very oily eyelids and even after eye primer they get greasy and eyeliner smudges easily. These last the whole day, almost without smudging at all. 
As you can see in the pictures above, the black one did withstand rubbing quite well but as you can see they are not completely waterproof! If I get a bit teary while outside in the cold they will smudge and come off. I have also tested these on my waterline and they last longer than other eyeliners but they do come off after an hour or so. 

Ash Brown
Ash Brown

I would still say that they are better when it comes to lasting power than most of the other eyeliners I have used. I have used a lot of different gel eyeliners, liquid liners and pencil liners did not last on me at all! I really do like the colours and they are very pigmented. The brown colour is perfect for an everyday look as it is very natural and the black one is excellent for a subtle smoky look. They have been my go to eyeliners for a year but I have decided to try out something new for now but we shall see whether I will go back to using these or not.



Overall, these eyeliners are very handy and quick to use! I do think the lasting power is better than with most eyeliners but unfortunately they are not completely waterproof. The pigmentation is very good but the texture is a bit dry with the black colour and they don't always apply very smoothly. If you are looking for a pencil eyeliner that lasts throughout the whole day (even with oily eyelids!) and has both matte and shinier colours available, then I would definitely recommend them! I would give them 3½ hearts based on this.

You can get them from Beautynetkorea for 7.20USD (approx, 4.7GBP)

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